Emerge Wisconsin – turning Wisconsin pink on April 25

This sounds like a great event…

Know how we can STOP the War On Women?

Are you ready to end the ATTACKS on Women????

Then help us turn Wisconsin Pink!!!

Emerge Wisconsin is proud to host Emerge Kentucky Founder and Author of “Pink Politics” Kathy Groob.

“Pink Politics” is a practical guide just for women running for
or even thinking about running for office.


 Pink Politics

Join us on Wednesday, April 25th
5:30 PM – 7:30 PM

in the Historic Third Ward
345 North Broadway, Milwaukee


Emerge has trained 100 Democratic Women to run for office
Help us train the next 100 Democratic Women to run by sponsoring our event!


Sponsorship Levels:
Madame President

includes Free Autographed Book and
1/2 page supplemental ad in Emerge’s Resource Guide

includes Free Autographed Book and
1/4 page supplemental ad in Emerge’s Resource Guide

U.S. Senator
includes Free Book

Madame Speaker


Recommended Contribution: $50
Student/Limited Income: $25


Did you know that the WI Legislature has NEVER had over 30% women or that women are EXTREMELY underreprested in local offices across WisconsinYet we are 50% of the population?

Host Committee Members: Emily Bell, Karen Campbell, Dorothy Dean, Lashell Drake, County Supervisor Nikiya Harris, Noelle Joers-Yanisch, Melissa Lemke, Mary Mitchell, Bethany Ordaz, Sara Rogers, Heather Ullsvik Loomans



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    1. But yours is PINK!!!! (Tangentially, I really look forward to the day when everything related to women is no longer only pink. I’ve never liked that color.)

  1. I was trying to promote the event without copying the entire email as is…but I’ll admit Emerge is better at messaging that I

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