Govs. Walker and Christie to appear at business owned by Tim Russell theft victim

Tomorrow Republican Gov. Scott Walker (pictured, left), who never met an out of state supporter he didn’t welcome with open arms, will appear at the Oak Creek headquarters of landscaping company KEI with New Jersey Gov. (and Grade-A blowhard) Chris Christie.

The joint appearance at KEI by Govs. Walker and Christie is notable because the Executive VP of KEI is Chris Kujawa, who was according to criminal complaints, the victim of theft committed by longtime Walker aide Tim Russell, who is now facing multiple felony criminal charges. In fact, there’s a note on KEI letterhead in the criminal complaint against Russell (located on page 26).

After realizing Tim Russell had stolen campaign funds from him, Tim Kujawa threatened to go to then-County Executive Scott Walker, at which point Tim Russell allegedly ended up stealing from a veterans charity in order to reimburse Kujawa.

Considering Gov. Walker is rumored to be up to his eyeballs in the ongoing Milwaukee County John Doe investigation that has resulted in bunches of felony criminal charges against aides working in his County Executive office, the choice to spend some time politicking with Chris Christie at a business owned by an individual victimized by Tim Russell certainly seems curious.

Heck, while he’s there maybe Gov. Walker will hit up Chris Kujawa for a donation to his criminal defense fund.


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  1. You go Scott!!! Would love to see you and Gov. Christie. Keep up the good work!!

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