Lee Holloway, a “class act” until the end

In his last few weeks on the job, retiring Milwaukee County Board Chairman Lee Holloway certainly hasn’t stopped being a bully. First he fired the only legislative staffer for Supervisor Nikiya Harris after said staffer supposedly disrespected Holloway. While Holloway has yet to articulate a specific reason behind his termination of David Crowley, one rumor is that Crowley ran into Holloway while working out at the Y but failed to address the County Board head as “chairman.”

After Crowley’s termination by Holloway, Milwaukee County Executive Chris Abele took on Facebook and posted a note on Crowley’s page to reassure Crowley he and Supervisor Harris would work to correct the situation. Abele’s Facebook message prompted this response from Chairman Holloway:

“I know you’re sticking up for this employee because of your male ego, but you might want to save that ego for yourself,” said Holloway, whose last day is Monday. “I still like you, Chris, and I wish you all the best in the new term. You may not believe me now, but later on in this term, you will miss me. I’m sure of that.”

I wonder if it ever occurred to Lee Holloway that Chris Abele was sticking up for David Crowley not because of Abele’s “male ego,” but because it was the right thing to do.

In regards to Lee Holloway’s retirement, I say “good riddance!”


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2 thoughts on “Lee Holloway, a “class act” until the end

  1. Personnel issues should never be played out via facebook…regardless of right thing to do or not.

    If Abele wanted to relay his support to the aide, a phone call or a personal email would have been more appropriate…

    Unfortunately, the position of legislative staff is “I serve at the pleasure of the Chair.” As unfair and outrageous Holloway’s reason for dismissal, it is well within his purview.

  2. The irony is the reason that Mr. Holloway tagged Mr. Abele with…male ego? Reading the reason Mr. Crowley was supposedly terminated would be exactly because of Mr. Holloway’s own male ego issues…

    It’s time to remove the County Board Chairman from having personnel authority over the legislative assistants of the County Supervisors.

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