Lemon Law

Jud @ Uppity Wisconsin unearthed another gem, this time it was Scott Walker lying about what he planned to do to public education. can we finally put an end to the myth that recall here is not justified! Scott Walker promised us a Mustang convertible and we ended up with a 1986 Ford Pinto!

I recommend the whole read but here is an excerpt:

It has been recently discovered by the Upitty Wisconsin research department that a couple of months before the election, Scott Walker told Here and Now’s Frederica Freyberg that he wouldn’t cut state aid to public schools.

In fact, first Walker mocks former Governor Doyle for calling himself the “pro-education” governor when he cut hundreds of millions out of public education:


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3 thoughts on “Lemon Law

  1. There was no 1986 Ford Pinto; it was long gone by that. But 1986 was the first model year for the fuel-injected Mustang. My ’89 “feulie” Mustang LX was probably the best car I ever owned.

    Oh yeah…Walker sucks. (Just to be on-topic. ;))

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