Miles Kristan behaving badly

At the risk of losing my progressive “street cred,” Miles Kristan should really get a life…

Serial protester Miles Kristan disrupted a news conference held by Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett Thursday.

“Tom Barrett is a despicable human being,” Kristan shouted at Barrett, reciting a litany of problems he saw with Barrett’s administration in Milwaukee.

There’s such a thing as being counterproductive, and at that word would describe Miles Kristan behaving like a boob.


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47 thoughts on “Miles Kristan behaving badly

  1. I don’t know this guy nor do I care to know him. Unfortunately I ran into some of his comments on Facebook. I’ve read less vile fact-free attacks on the worst right wing blogs. It makes me wonder about his real motives…besides getting attention.

  2. So now Barrett has taken his initiation under fire from a “union thug.” That’s a good thing.

  3. Miles is not just a douchebag – his picture is listed under douchebag in the dictionary.

    1. Are you asking me if if never had any street cred, or are you telling me? It’s kinda hard to tell, what with your reliance on random question marks.

  4. Looks like Miles Kristan wants attention. I know exactly the place where he can get plenty of attention, be able to scream and shout to his heart’s content and be kept from bothering the public. 😀

  5. Cat Kin- I’m also thinking that this makes Barrett look good to a lot of people, because self-absorbed freaks like Miles and Segway Jeremy often hurt the recall movement more than their constant presence helps it. In the minds of quite a few unengaged voters, they think ‘Well, if those clowns don’t like Barrett, he can’t be all bad.’

    1. Excellent point, Jake.

      It’s one thing to do the hard work it takes to create a statewide recall effort out of nothing, or to get news coverage of your cause. It’s another thing altogether when the attention-getting takes priority over all other things.

      Political campaigns naturally attract big egos, with the candidate often being the worst of them. The flip side is that campaigns are group efforts, and there’s only room for one top dog: the candidate. Those who can’t or won’t follow those rules is a liability for the campaign.

      Campaigns can’t (and shouldn’t) stop unaffiliated “supporters” whose help they don’t want. They can try to negotiate with such people, however. If all else fails, the campaigns must distance themselves from unofficial troublemakers.

  6. NAFTA and Chinese free-trade loving Rahm Immanuel represents everything that is wrong with the corporate sell-out wing of the Democratic Party. Embrace him at your peril because the dirt rubs off.

  7. First I agree with Zach for once but, my question is what is Jeff’s thought on this since he was defending Miles for harnessing Walkers kids.

  8. Which god? There’s a smorgasbord to choose from. I prefer Chac, a benevolent Maya rain god. I think our friend may be referring to Yum Kimil. Another Maya god who is the personification of disaster and darkness.

    Please be more specific and thanks for your trained comment.

    1. Other Side, you really shouldn’t be so quick to hurl insults. Glass houses and all that.

      When spelled with a capital-G, “God” always means the one true God that Christians, Jews and yes, even Muslims recognize. The etymology comes from the English language. England was a Christian country with a state church. (Henry VIII ring a bell?) The United States of America is founded on a rich heritage of independence from England, and specifically the Church of England.

      In brief, if you passed the once-mandatory Constitution test or are a naturalized US citizen, you should know who capital-G God is, whether you choose to believe or not.

  9. It’s hard to believe that this is the same guy who admonished people for writing “Fuck” and “Walker” on the Scott towel dispensers in the Capitol restrooms.

  10. Oh cut it out. That was not an insult, not unless you’re a dyed-in-the-wool fanatic. And I will capitalize that word, or not, if I choose.

    I like you MM. However, on occasion you turn a bit to condescension. I won’t comment on this again.

  11. Wow some of you need to look at policies and not parties
    Barrett is a corporate tool doing the same as Walker
    You guys talk shit about Segway Jeremy and Miles but they are there in person
    and you jack offs are sitting on your computer
    you are the ones who give “liberals” a bad name
    Oh and Asher STFU if you are trying to run as a progressive when you are
    talking shit about protestors

    1. Pha Que, I’d argue Segway Jeremy and Miles Kristan are doing more harm than good. Their behavior just reinforces in the minds of many all that’s wrong with liberals, and I’d argue we need to be trying to wins hearts and minds leading up to the recall elections, not turning people off by behaving like idiots.

  12. Ok DICKFUCK lets make something clear to you
    this not about liberals or conservatives this is bigger than all the business as usual shit that we see in politics
    Miles Kristan and Jeremy Ryan speak for what they believe in and its not your job to tell them what they can and can not do.
    You’re just some jack off with a blog, I saw your interview on Fox 6 and you are a fucking jack ass for talking shit about protestors
    when you are not even there. You are nothing more than some obstinate democrat
    who is too fucking dumb to think outside the box GO FUCK YOURSELF ZACK McJACKOFF WISI-DOUCHE BAG


    1. Wow…that’s a lot of hostility in one short comment.

      Might I suggest some anger management classes?

      As to your comment that I’m not even there, I’ll admit that I’m not there, because I have a full time job, unlike Miles or Jeremy. Unlike Jeremy, who took to the internet to solicit donations to subsidize his lifestyle, I choose to work to pay my bills and support my family.

      What’s more, unlike Jeremy and Miles, I live each day having experienced first hand the effects of Act 10, so go fuck yourself if you think I’m not fighting this thing tooth and nail.

      P.S. – Welcome to moderation!

    2. Oh, and thanks for watching my Fox6 interview; I think I’m pretty telegenic, especially in comparison to Jeremy and Miles.

  13. 1) “First I agree with Zach for once but, my question is what is Jeff’s thought on this since he was defending Miles for harnessing Walkers kids.” I realize this is a typo, but the idea of harnessing Walker’s children (for green energy?) is just goddamn hilarious.

    2) Miles Kristan means well, possibly, but he’s demonstrably retarded.

    3) That said, Barrett is a triangulating, corporate douche, whose only redeeming quality seems to be that he’s the lesser of two evils.

    4) Jake’s probably correct here: Having unhinged liberal protesters scream at Barrett will only make him seem appealing to fence-sitters (if anyone actually still falls into that category).

    5) Jeremy Ryan is a pathological liar. He also means well, possibly, but I’ve never talked to someone who was more full of shit.

  14. I hope I’m not the only one who thinks it’s embarrassingly obvious that “Pha Que” is just Miles Kristan pretending to not be Miles Kristan so he can anonymously attack somebody who called him out on being a jackass. We all do realize this, right?

  15. a lot of people are sick of hearing you guys complain about activist when you fuck sticks are not even there.
    lets get this straight none of you jackasses have actually ever met Jeremy or Miles in person …right ?
    and none of you were there at this press conference I assume and the rest of your complaints are based off 2nd hand stories ?
    I am there every week I see Jeremy and Miles working their asses off
    Who the fuck are you ? what have you done ?
    and you don’t know the first thing about them, Miles gave up his own art gallery to move back and be involved and he has a job
    I gave him a ride to work last week and Jeremy has had over 9 heart attacks has had cancer and back conditions
    If you jackasses don’t like how people protest maybe you should grow a fucking pair of balls
    and do some protesting of your own

  16. Those who write these comments are usually not among those who are at the Capitol actually doing something nd actually know those they re writing

    Often it just sounds like sour grapes from those who do not know or have never met the ones they are writing about

    Nothing is perfect of the physical world. I rather have one person speaking truth in an imperfect way then all the do nothing critics
    Who seem to wan the attention they a

  17. Are getting

    As far as those who are working and not at the Capitol, that is why I and others are there, for those who can’t be

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