MITT – mentum

The Romney Campaign continues to connect with the republican voters – all 6 of them.

As Yahoo points out:

Mitt Romney set a record with at least two of Tuesday’s primary wins, but it’s an achievement the presumptive Republican nominee probably won’t be bragging about.

The former Massachusetts governor won Delaware with 56 percent of the vote and Pennsylvania with 58 percent. According to University of Minnesota political scientist Eric Ostermeier, that marks the first time that a presumptive GOP nominee has failed to reach the 60 percent mark in a contest conducted after his last major challenger exited the race.

“While Romney avoided the embarrassment of winning with a mere plurality, never has a presumptive nominee won a primary contest with such a low level of support at this stage of the race with his chief challenger no longer actively campaigning,” Ostermeier writes at Smart Politics, the university’s political site. Smart Politics reviewed Republican primary election data since 1972.

The Romney express is rolling towards Tampa Bay, Florida, unfortunately for him no one cares….


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5 thoughts on “MITT – mentum

  1. Romneys only salvation for this election is that he picks a true conservative as his VP. If he doesn’t then many of us will not vote, watch him go down in flames, and maybe, just maybe send a message to establishment Republicans that if you insist on foisting a RINO upon us for a candidate then don’t whine when you get your ass handed to you in November…

  2. Yeah, Al West. Disgraced Army officer convicted at court martial for torture in Afghanistan. Quality guy. I’m sure he’ll vet well.

    1. Oh, by the way, I knew the guy from my Army days at Fort Riley. He was known as an opportunist. Meaning he would do or say just about anything to get ahead. True Conservative? He’s about as conservative as I am. But when you’re drummed out of the service and he needed to make a living in a hurry, you’ll do just about anything. The man is a phony.

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