News that Kathy Nickolaus will not seek re-election only adds insult to injury

Some friends of mine are rejoicing over this morning’s news that Kathy Nickolaus will not seek re-election in the fall. She’s done after December 31, 2012. But Nickolaus will still “assist” in the recalls in May and June, she’ll be around for the 2012 presidential election, and she won’t ever have to face Democratic challenger, Jessie Read.

To sum up, Wisconsin voters lose the chance for Kathy Nickolaus to finally, FINALLY be held accountable to the people she serves, the Waukesha GOP won’t have to defend Nickolaus and its lack of action regarding her “errors,” and the sanctity of our spring and fall elections is still in jeopardy.

So I’m not breaking out the bubbly. Not by a long shot. And I’m going to laminate my “Resign, Kathy!” protests signs, because I may have to use them again next month (stranger things have happened).

Kathy Nickolaus should have stepped down in April. Of 2011.

Kathy Nickolaus should have stepped down in April of 2011


Kathy Nickolaus should have stepped down in April of 2012, too, but didn't.

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6 thoughts on “News that Kathy Nickolaus will not seek re-election only adds insult to injury

  1. As a “helper” Nicholaus can and, no doubt, will continue to earn her keep from the Wisconsin/Koch GOP out of the limelight. The 3 upcoming elections are crucial to the conservatives nationwide and Waukesha is the flagship. If Waukesha ballot results recall Walker and later go for President Obama- the validity of the conservative drivel is clearly bashed: that cannot be tolerated. Nicholson’s Election Fraud can only pass for so long. She have another role as a loyal republican but in direct election fraud she will be useless to the future GOP.

  2. I’m extremely concerned about our flawed process. Let’s say another Wisconsin county clerk has issues of gross incompetency that directly affect our elections. So he/she refuses to step down and keeps making errors in following elections.
    Then the public calls for his/her resignation, but he/she still refuses to resign.
    So the GAB investigates and doesn’t find proof of fraud, and the clerk STILL refuses to step down.
    The problem continues until the clerk is up for re-election and decides not to run again, probably because how in the hell would he/she win?
    How is process in any way remotely acceptable?
    I feel like we’re living in a Steven Colbert skit, here.

  3. No offense intended Lisa, but if she were to have dug in her heels and run for re-election, the whackos out in your neck of the woods would likely have put her right back in office. For them, ideology trumps competency. We have to make sure to never allow that to happen on our side.

    1. No offense taken, Jim.

      You may very well be right, but the non-wackos in my community are organizing…things are changing here. It will take many years to see results from actions we’re taking today, but I’m confident that due to a variety of reasons (demographics, for one) Waukesha County will eventually become more purple.
      Right-wing bloggers can make fun of me all they want for believing this. Let ’em.

      1. I lived for 5 years in the City of Waukesha County as a young man, and couldn’t understand why people considered Waukesha conservative. College town. Union industrial workers. Large hispanic population. I didn’t make it out into the nether regions very often. I did mention I was young, right? And not particularly bright? I got better.

  4. I’m worried that this becomes a “Bush Administration during the second term” scenario, when they knew they could get away with anything since they didn’t have to face the voters, and just got more and more careless and corrupt.

    We need to demand that Nickolaus be removed from any work in these elections, and that she be supervised like a 5-year old. You know she’s ready to have thousands of already-marked absentee ballots ready to go, given that she’d receive no consequences for another “screw-up”. It’s not like she hasn’t pulled these types of stunts before.

    That being said, if Waukesha County could even go 35% for the Dem candidate in the recall election, it would be a near-fatal blow for Walker. So Lisa, get all these people out to vote, because any vote for the good guys will matter on May 8 and June 5.

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