Nickolaus Watch: Help us keep Kathy Nickolaus in check on election night (contest included!)

It appears that Kathy Nickolaus may be running the show in Waukesha County in the upcoming recall election. But there’s no need to panic or storm the Waukesha County Courthouse on election night, because Waukesha County citizens have formulated a two-part comprehensive plan to help keep Nickolaus in check on May 8. Join us!

Here’s the plan:

Part One: Members of the Wisconsin Voter Protection team will be stationed throughout the county on election night. They’ll report the results from each polling place to a central base. If you’d like to volunteer to be part of the May 8 Wisconsin Voter Protection team, please click here. (You do not need to reside in Waukesha County to participate.)

Part Two: Democratic Party of Wisconsin’s Fifth Congressional District Chair Jeff Christensen will be stationed at the Waukesha County Courthouse on election night, May 8. Jeff will live-tweet the events on twitter (which can also be viewed on Facebook) so you can follow along, re-tweet his updates, and assist if/when needed. He’s also available on twitter @demjeff.

Contest: In order to execute part two of our plan, we’ll need to create an appropriate (no foul language, etc) Nickolaus Watch twitter hashtag. Send hashtag ideas to, and we just may choose yours.

Thanks in advance for participating in our plan, contest, and most importantly, our democracy.


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8 thoughts on “Nickolaus Watch: Help us keep Kathy Nickolaus in check on election night (contest included!)

  1. I personally think that the county should remove her from the whole election, or if she had an ounce of decency, she would remove herself. If not then I think you have a good plan. What can you do if she decides to take ballots home again and use “her” computer. There is just too many coincidences with this lady.

  2. Sounds like a reasonable plan… but it needs to be implemented in every voting jurisdiction in Wisconsin. The GOP will stop at nothing to win (steal) this election.

    Until Democrats move to the forefront the idea that every voting jurisdiction is vulnerable to true “voter fraud” (including voter suppression and theft of votes) we as Democrats are always one alter vote away from losing elections.

    I would add one more component to the oversight plan. The presence of an attorney with a background and understanding of voter rights as enumerated in the federal and state Constitutions.

  3. I think the hashtag could be






  4. I think there should be some type of GPS device put in each bag of ballots and on Kathy so she and the votes could be tracked. I would put nothing past this poor girl. You know something bizarre is going to happen in Waukesha.

  5. Are the Waukesha County Dems (aka Wisconsin Voter Protection team) making efforts to address or prevent election fraud via e-voting machines, ballot tampering, etc. this election? What happens in Waukesha, unfortunately, does not stay in Waukesha. It affects the entire state. Any Wisconsin citizen may observe the election and poll closing in all Waukesha County voting places, independent of any organization. Check the Wisconsin GAB website to learn your rights and responsibilities as a poll observer.

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