7 thoughts on “RNC Chair Reince Priebus compares GOP’s war on women to “war on caterpillars”

  1. Shorter R.P.: Our new, sparkly, really large, American flag lapel pins prove just how patriotic and wonderful we are, no matter how ignorant we can appear at times.

    1. Definitely a jobs creation opportunity. Maybe Walker will notice and get good behavior points if he can divert some of the license plate line to lapel pin manufacturing. Higher profits for the P.I.C. (prison industrial complex).

  2. Monsanto has the war on caterpillars wrapped up with the round-up ready crops.
    147 million acres no longer caterpillar, bird, or bee friendly.

  3. The plight of the poor compared to the plight of cockroaches. They’re both vermin ya know.

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