Tanya Lohr to challenge Republican State Sen. Glen Grothman

Tanya Lohr, a public school teacher and activist who led the charge to try and recall right-wing extremist State Sen. Glen Grothman (R-West Bend), has announced her candidacy for the 20th District Senate seat against Sen. Grothman. Lohr, who’s a graduate of Emerge Wisconsin’s leadership training program, is also the chair of the Democratic Party of Washington County.

“I want to restore adequate funding for public education, respect for women, affordable family health care and strengthen our communities by empowering working people,” said Lohr, who resides in the Town of West Bend. “The Republican agenda was imposed on Wisconsin working families and has polarized our state. It is time we corrected the imbalance.”

This is great news, and while there’s no denying Tanya Lohr has an incredibly uphill battle if she’s going to unseat Sen. Grothman, she strikes me as the perfect opponent to point out how virulently anti-woman Glen Grothman has been as a State Senator.


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9 thoughts on “Tanya Lohr to challenge Republican State Sen. Glen Grothman

  1. As a person who had a fleeting moment considering running so Grothman at least had competition, you are 100% dead on with Tanya being the perfect candidate. It won’t be easy but she will make a huge difference.

  2. First off, I don’t think it’s possible for a Democrat to win in this area of the state. She will be slaughtered, unfortunately. Secondly, she is a heavily biased individual who strongly pushes her liberal socialist agenda onto her students IN CLASS, several of which I have been the proud parent of, without providing any information regarding why the opposing side may be correct. Even if my teachers hold one stong opinions, it is not right to put them into the heads of my children, although I agre with them. My children should develop their own belief system, not merely copy that of an elder.

    1. Jon, you say Tanya Lohr is a heavily biased individual as if Glen Grothman isn’t. Glen Grothman is an extremist, with one example of how out of touch he is being his referring to firefighters and police officers who protested at the Capitol last year as “slobs.”

    2. As a former student to Ms. Lohr, I can safely refute your comment about her pushing her beliefs onto her students. If at any point she has but mentioned her ideals, it was merely to inform. No persuasion was involved. Her sole purpose in teaching, especially as a world studies/global studies teacher, is to open the minds of her students and provide the means for them to formulate their own educated opinions.

      With that said, I fully support Ms. Lohr in her endeavor to take down Glenn Grothman.

  3. “My children should develop their own belief system, not merely copy that of an elder”. Say what?

    What exactly is the so-called “liberal socialist agenda” that you accuse Ms. Lohr of pushing on to her students? And I don’t mean simply reciting right-wing talking points. What specific examples can you give as solid evidence to support your belief that Ms. Lohr is biased?

    And just between you and me, your message might be taken more seriously if you had spent a half a minute proofreading your post instead of firing off your comments as soon as you type them in. But we’ll keep that between us.

  4. Tanya Lohr, I wish you all the luck in the world. Take that ugly Grothman out of office.


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