The Frothy Mixture Bows Out!

It’s about time.

Rick Santorum will announce Tuesday that he is suspending his presidential campaign, all but bringing to a close the 2012 GOP presidential contest and formally handing the nomination to Mitt Romney, according to an official close to the campaign.



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12 thoughts on “The Frothy Mixture Bows Out!

  1. I’m with Jeff. I voted for Santorum for the first time ever. . . when I lived in Pa I campaigned against him first for Chuck Pennachio and then, a bit reluctantly, for Bob Casey. But here in WI, with an open primary, I voted for him, as did my wife.

  2. I also thought Santorum would have been a decent candidate. Maybe he’ll run as an independent; he’s better than anything else out there so far, but we’ll see who else runs independent.

  3. a decent candidate? Not so much…I do not think rick santorum would be a good candidate to head up a boy scout troop..

    I did think that he would personify the republican brand of craziness that I think the whole country needs to see on display.

    1. I think Santorum would have made an EXCELLENT candidate to highlight just how extreme, reckless, hateful, greedy, hypocritical and above all, dangerous the Republican Party as a whole is. Running Santorum against President Obama could have been a teaching moment for America that has been long overdue.

  4. Pushing the little girl frontward to weep for the cameras… manipulative and despicable.

    If she was authentically distressed (and not emoting on command), is there any doubt that her mother should have been comforting her and shielding her from the crowd? I.e. putting her on the opposite side of the family group and facing against her mother, putting an arm or two around her? Not this display posture?

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