The mother of all OconoDems meetings-Saturday, April 7th

Dwayne Block, organizer of the independent, grassroots group, OconoDems, really knows how to reel in the big-name Wisconsin politicos. Maybe they come for the large group of enthusiastic, plugged-in citizens who gather once a month in politically conservative Oconomowoc. Or maybe it’s the free coffee and sugar wafers. Regardless, tomorrow, April 7, will be the mother of all OconoDems meetings, in my opinion. Here’s a slightly modified version of the agenda provided by Dwayne Block:


MC: Dick Pas, Chairman, Waukesha County Democratic Party

  • Mike McCabe, Director, Wisconsin Democracy Campaign. Topic: “Can You Imagine A New Kind Of Politics?”
  • Mike Lauer, Executive Director, Wisconsin Jobs Now. Topic: “Winning with A Mandate!”
  • Mahlon Mitchell, Candidate, Lieutenant Governor of Wisconsin
  • Doug LaFollette, Wisconsin Secretary of State, and Candidate for Governor of Wisconsin
  • Peter Barca, Minority Leader, Wisconsin State Assembly
  • Tom Barrett, Mayor of Milwaukee, and Candidate for Governor of Wisconsin
  • Keith Roberts, Senior Research Fellow, Institute for International Studies in Education, U. of Pittsburg.Topic:  “Walker Watchdog Report…”
  • Kathleen Vinehout Campaign Update (Joel Nilsestuen)
  • Kathleen Falk Campaign Update  (Scott Ross, Campaign Chair, former Executive Director, One Wisconsin Now)
  • Lori Compas Campaign Update (Francine Langlais, Co-Chair, Lake Country Progressives)
  • Scott Trindl, Retired Businessman, and Waukesha OFA Rep.

OconoDems meet at the Oconomowoc Public Library, 200 South Street. Come for the politicos, stay for the snacks and camaraderie.


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4 thoughts on “The mother of all OconoDems meetings-Saturday, April 7th

  1. When you call this group “independent”, I’m wondering exactly what you mean by that. It seems by their name and the guest list they are quite Democrat leaning.

  2. Yes, the group does lean Democratic. By “independent” I mean it’s not officially affiliated with the Waukesha County Democratic Party or the Democratic Party of Wisconsin. The group is run by an individual, Dwayne Block, not a party.

  3. It would be better if the group called itself “Oconomowoc Area Progressives” or something similar. It would be less confusing, in my opinion.

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