Thursday Music: John Fogerty Centerfield.

I had set this music video aside a few weeks ago in anticipation of the Brewer’s Home Opener but then other more interesting pieces caught my attention.
But this is even more apropos today as the Milwaukee Men’s Senior Baseball League 55 and older division opens their 2012 season this Saturday April 28th! Yours truly (MMSBL HOF 2011) will be playing for the visiting Pirates vs. the Lugnuts at 1 PM at Wisconsin Ave Park. Mention Blogging Blue at the ‘box office’ and get VIP seating! LOL!!!

I am ready to play…but they always put me in left or right…but I haven’t played center field since high school!


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1 thought on “Thursday Music: John Fogerty Centerfield.

  1. Sorry sports fans…we are officially rained out today…you’ll have to wait til next Saturday for our home opener against the 2011 regular season champion Mets at 1 PM at Al Simmons Field , just north of Oklahoma Ave and East of Pulaski HS.

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