Vice President Joe Biden on Why You Need to Get Involved

While I’ve been a sometime critic of President Obama, I think it goes without saying that he’s certainly better than the alternative of a soulless Mitt Romney in the White House.

Here’s Vice President Joe Biden explaining why it’s so important to get involved in 2012.


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1 thought on “Vice President Joe Biden on Why You Need to Get Involved

  1. What’s interesting to me about this is how slick the Obama ground game really is. Biden does not elucidate that strategy here because it is not germane to his message, but it is pretty darn impressive. From what I understand, the Obama camp has transformed its election infrastructure with scientific precision. So precise, for instance, that volunteers in the field won’t be duplicating their efforts by canvassing neighborhoods that have been previously canvassed.

    I, too, have been pretty critical of the president. I’ve been disappointed enough to strongly consider Jill Stein. But really, the level of sophistication behind Obama’s ground game is breathtaking. To me, it represents the kind of creative thinking I wish Obama would apply to the economy, healthcare etc. Perhaps if he is reelected, we will see an Obama that moves out of the box. His ground strategy alone excites my curiosity enough to probably give him another chance.

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