A billionaire with a big check for Scott Walker…

On Monday May 21st Republican Gov. Scott Walker visited the Republican Party of Wisconsin’s field office in Sheboygan, and joining Gov. Walker was a spirited group of folks protesting his “divide and conquer” strategy of governing. Among those gathered in Sheboygan was a “billionaire” there to deliver a $500,000 campaign donation to Gov. Walker in exchange for a candid conversation with Walker about his plans for Wisconsin’s future.

Two weeks ago video surfaced of Gov. Walker explaining to billionaire campaign donor Diane Hendricks how he wanted to “divide and conquer” Wisconsin’s public sector and private sector unions in order to turn Wisconsin into a “right to work for less” state. Walker had previously offered such candor about his secret plans to “drop the bomb” on the people’s workers in a phone call in which he believed he was speaking to billionaire backer David Koch.

Here are a couple of photos from the event:


You can check out the rest of the photos from this event HERE


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