Though I wasn’t a supporter of former Dane County Executive Kathleen Falk in the Democratic gubernatorial recall primary for my own reasons, she deserves a ton of credit for all the hard work she’s done both during the protests of Republican Gov. Scott Walker’s attack on public employees and during the effort to recall Gov. Walker.

Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chairman Mike Tate sums up how I’m feeling with this quote:

“Of all the accomplishments of Kathleen Falk in her long career of selfless service to the people of Wisconsin, her role in the formation of the recall movement may prove to be the most important.

“Not only was she on the front lines challenging the legality of Walker’s unprecedented power grab, she traveled the four corners of the state highlighting her principled opposition to Walker’s unprincipled moves which put Wisconsin’s freedoms and working families in such jeopardy.”

There’s no denying Kathleen Falk has had a long career of public service dedicated to fighting for progressive values, and though she didn’t win tonight’s primary, I have no doubts she’ll continue to fight to help kick Scott Walker out of office on June 5.

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15 Responses to A note on Kathleen Falk

  1. Beto says:

    I saw her working for Sandy Pasch last summer.

  2. Steven Reynolds says:

    Falk is a damned fine woman who works for the Democratic party hard, hard, hard. The invective around here about her has been ugly, and I’m very disappointed by it. Zach, you are the man who needs to rebuild fences. Stand tall and do so, my man. Stand tall and do so.

    • Zach W says:

      Steven, I think it’s absolutely critical that we all come together (regardless of which candidates we supported) to work to successfully recall Gov. Walker. I think the invective on both sides has been a bit over the top, but that should all be behind us now.

  3. Lenny Bruce says:

    Isnt this the 3 or 4 state wide election that she has lost what does that tell you about what the rest of the state thinks about her.

  4. Paul says:

    Hey Guys, Unopposed Walker outpolls ALL Dems combined…. Tough night for the crybabies!

    • Zach W says:

      With 92% of the votes counted, has Walker with 571,173 votes.

      According to the Democratic candidates have 581,548 votes.

      You might want to double check your math, friend.

  5. Paul says:

    Okay Zach, I stand corrected. The point of my post remains though. Spin it however you want but it’s very, very surprising that the Governor polled so strongly.

    • Zach W says:

      I didn’t “spin it;” I simply provided truth. You’re the one who attempted to spin the truth to suit your own needs.

  6. Pete says:

    Regardless the numbers will be close. What does that tell you that Walker got the same amount of votes or more then all the Dems combined? The fact that quite a few Republicans crossed over and voted for Falk would only add totals to the difference in favor of Walker. Enough to make up and exceed the difference.

  7. Paul says:

    Agreed Pete – it’s going to be a close, nasty race.

  8. Pete says:

    My point exactly Paul. I already heard four Walker ads for Governor. Dumping 20 million in 28 days here we go. Very unexpected numbers tonight. I was thinking it would be 2-1 Democratic-Republican turnout. To put it in a different perspective 780K votes cast in the presidential primary last month for Republicans which was contested. 300K cast for Obama which was not contested. Compare that to my numbers above tonight and it is very interesting.

  9. charmaine says:

    What’s weird is more votes were cast for Lt. Governor than for Governor. Also Mitchell got 5k more votes than Barrett. What the heck is going on?

  10. Paul says:

    As well as the people sending a very clear and unmistakable message to the union activists – basically “bend over and grab your ankles, brother”.

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