Conservatives ramp up dirty tricks leading up to June 5 recall election

Just one week before voters head to the polls to cast their votes to recall Republican Gov. Scott Walker, conservatives seem to be pulling out all the stops in their attempts to defend Gov. Walker.

This week a spam text message was sent out to thousands of Wisconsinites attacking Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett, Walker’s Democratic challenger in the recall election, as a “union puppet.” Here’s a copy of the text message:

Here’s the full text of the message, in case you can’t read it off the image above:
SUBJ:Union Puppet
MSG:Tom Barrett is a Union Puppet who will give Union Thugs everything they want. Call & ask why 414-271-8050

Information I’ve received seems to point to the spam text message having been sent by ccAdvertising, a political phone and text-messaging vendor with a history of sending unsolicited messages. According to one report, the parent compant of ccAdvertising is actually FreeEats, a company that according to a report by Daniel Schulman of Mother Jones has operated under different names while engaging in similar voter suppression behaviors in other states across the country.

FreeEats is also known as Advantage Research, ccAdvertising, Data Research, Election Research, fec Research, fecads, Political Research, and Public Research. It has been accused of disguising or “spoofing” its caller IDs; Joseph has reportedly said his company has “thousands” of aliases.

Not surprisingly, FreeEats, one of the companies associated with ccAdvertising, has been fined for breaking anti-robo-calling laws in North Dakota, and a federal judge banned it from phoning Indiana voters under similar statutes.

If this recall election is all sewn up for Gov. Walker – as so many conservatives would have us believe – then why are many of those same conservatives resorting to the kinds of underhanded and dirty tricks I’d expect to find in an election in some third-world country?


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10 thoughts on “Conservatives ramp up dirty tricks leading up to June 5 recall election

  1. “FreeEats”? More proof that conservatives dismiss the truism that there ain’t no such thing as a free lunch.

  2. Why do they do these things? Because they are immoral, evil people. That’s why.

  3. Looks like more desperate tricks by the unions to try and make Gov Walker look bad…..luckily most people won’t by into this stunt, well maybe a few union cabbies in Kentucky because they are not smart people but other than that it is what it is, union trickery.

    1. @ Dante, the epitome (sorry for the BIG words, big boy) of DUMBITUDE [h/t to Migosh].

      Well, at least you realize that the tactic is scurrilous (again, sorry for having to use the BIG words, your DUMBITUDINOUS).

      Anyway, trying to lay this off on “union trickery” or “union thugs” (Dante, ladies and gentlemen, a noun, a verb and ‘union thugs’) is just lame. I suppose that I shouldn’t be surprised. You and your unhinged, rightwing histrionics are nothing if not lame. . .well, AND dumb.

      Speaking of which, you should NEVER have gone THERE:

      Dante: “Looks like more desperate tricks by the unions to try and make Gov Walker look bad…..luckily most people won’t by into this stunt, well maybe a few union cabbies in Kentucky because they are not smart people but other than that it is what it is, union trickery.”

      Dumb as you are, Dante, you should NEVER have had the temerity (oops, ANOTHER big word, huh, Dante?) to call “union cabbies in Kentucky” dumb. That said, I imagine the irony just won’t occur to you. You are, after all, the very height of “DUMBITUDE” [h/t to Migosh, again].

      Anyway, “THE STUPID, it burrrrrrrrrrns, doesn’t it, Dante?”

      Poor baby.

      Well, douche-bag, you want to talk “dumb? Here’s a guy JUST as dumb as you (hope ya got better hair):

      You’re just on the wrong side of history, mofo, not to mention, the IQ scale.

      Now go back to that mall cop job of yours, and STFU, Monsieur Le Bullshitaire. The “product” you are peddling here has a distinct stench about it.

      BARRETT 2012 !!! OBAMA 2012 !!!

    2. Oh Dissonant Dante,
      You struggle so trying to find consonance and it is pitiful to behold. How to reconcile the filthy reality of right wing extremism? How to face the raw ugliness of radical right wing tactics? You needn’t fall into cognitive disequilibrium. You know, cognitive dissonance is most robust when one thinks that one’s beliefs are the product of one’s own free will rather than the result of coercion. Once you realize that you’ve been coerced and your own free will has been marred by radical propaganda you will free yourself from all this dissonance. It is possible to maintain respectable conservatism and simultaneously denounce these iniquitous maneuvers. But attributing this chicanery to unions is simply reality denial, the zenith of cognitive dissonance. There’s no shame in admitting that you’re wrong or admitting that you’ve been fooled. But it is shameful to adhere unquestioningly to a mindset that perpetuates grotesque misdeeds and wrongdoings either by denial or outright support. It’s not only shameful, it’s downright immoral.

    3. dante, you’re an absolute farce, and I’m beginning to think you’re nothing more than a troll.

      I’m more than willing to call folks on the left out when they act stupidly; it’s unfortunate you’re unwilling to do the same.

    4. @ Dante and anyone else here who is interested

      A short and entirely fictional (or IS it?) story dedicated to ‘Dante The Dumb’, entitled, “Dante’s Dad: Tricky Union THUG” [Alternative title: “A Case Study: Dante’s Fixation With The False, Disingenuous Narrative of Union Thuggery”]

      Why does Dante hate unions so much, despite everything that they have done for America’s middle class?

      Dante’s parents told me a story from Dante’s childhood just the other day, a story about little D-Bag (his mom said that she couldn’t remember why they gave him this particular little pet name back when he was two) and his 5th birthday.

      Though it may be hard to imagine now, Dante was a cock-eyed, idealistic optimist back then. Yes, OUR Dante, a cock-eyed, idealistic optimist. Go figure.

      His parents started to worry about him. How was he going to survive in the real world when he grew up, they asked? We’d better toughen him up, they thought, make him more realistic about how tough the real world actually is.

      Because Dante had been pestering them for ages about wanting to get a pony, they came up with a plan. The only risk would be that Dante’s trust in his fellow human beings might be forever impaired. Worth the risk, his parents concluded. GOT to do something, they said.

      Anyway, on his 5th birthday, his parents told him that his best and biggest present was in the backyard. Dante excitedly ran into the backyard where he found a huge, steaming pile of horse sh*t, stinking to high heaven. He stopped, a serious look came over his face for just a moment. Then his beaming, excited, cock-eyed optimist’s smile returned, and Dante, to his parents’ horror, jumped right into that huge, steaming, stinking pile of horse sh*t, and started rooting around in it.

      Horrified, his parents started yelling, “Dante, Dante. . .Dante, WHAT THE HELL are you DOING?! Oh, f*ck. Oh, my God. Donnnn-tayyy.”

      Dante stood up for a moment, looked at them, and blissfully responded, “I just KNOW that there is a PONY in here SOMEWHERE!”

      Dante’s father, glaring at him for all he was worth, grabbed him by the arm, and yanked him out of that huge, steaming, stinking pile of horse sh*t, and screamed at him, “WHAT THE HELL is WRONG with you, Dante?! THAT. . .is. . .JUST a HUGE pile of HORSE SH*T! What is wrong with you?!”

      From that day forward, Dante’s parents knew that he was, and would always be, dumb as a rock. As you might expect, Dante never trusted ANYBODY ever again, especially “union guys”, because his dad was one, and bad-mouthed them anytime he could, the phrase, “union trickery” and “union thugs” creeping into his every thought, his every utterance. [Think it’s bad now? Try being a kindergartner, and hearing that “sh*t”.]

      Dante, a tragic case of parental love gone wrong.

      And NOW you know the sad case of Dante, and
      why he hates unions so much. That he is also dumb as a rock, or a huge, steaming, stinking pile of horse sh*t, just doesn’t help.

      THE. . .END. . .

  4. It’s not immediately clear in the article that the spammers are also trying to tie up Barrett for WI telephone lines. They tell people to call Barrett for WI, not an info line of their own. Not good, Scottie.

    A msg says the FBI has been notified.

    Bad moon rose when Scott Walker got in league with the Koch Bros and their ilk. Worse times when he was elected.

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