Cooking the Books

First he campaigns on a fictional future, now he’s cooking the DWD books.  Will this man stop at nothing to cling to power?

Gov. Scott Walker said Monday that Wisconsin’s job creation numbers for his first year in office will be revised this week, less than three weeks before he faces a recall election that could turn based on his success in improving the state’s struggling economy.


His Democratic challenger in the recall, Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett, accused Walker of “fixing the books” to make the jobs numbers appear better than they are.

“They brought in a fiction writer,” Barrett said. “They don’t like their numbers. They’re going to make up their own numbers.”

But it’s all just empty promises by Walker anyway.

The new numbers won’t change the monthly unemployment data that has been used to measure how well Walker is meeting his 2010 jobs promise.

Walker blamed the state’s employment woes on the recalls, saying employers are hesitant to add jobs during times of political uncertainty but that there would be a “dramatic turnaround” after June 5.

“There is a tremendous enthusiasm built up for additional jobs,” he said. “I think you’re going to see a tremendous takeoff.”

The confidence fairy still lives in Walker’s Wisconsin.  It’s pathetic.  It really, really is.  The only “dramatic turnaround” after June 5th will be when Governor Barrett cleans the slime out of the Governor’s Mansion and the “tremendous enthusiasm” for a corruption-free government returns to Wisconsin.


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4 thoughts on “Cooking the Books

  1. i’d still like to know if either of the first two dwd secretaries left because they wouldn’t “cook the books.”

  2. You know Barrett is worried otherwise why would he already be out with the “cooked the books” accusations. The liberals are running scared. They were unable to get any traction with the silly war on workers crapola, that was such a week idea, that even them people in Milwaukee and Dane Counties could not vote for the puppet Falk. Now they are stuck with Barrett whose record is as dismall as it gets and when asked for his plan to bring jobs to Wisconsin the only thing you hear out of his is we need new taxes. He has no plan and no ideas, a perfect liberal candidate in other words.

  3. John-Boy: “You know Barrett is worried otherwise why would he already be out with the “cooked the books” accusations.”

    (*laughing*) I think that he just thinks that “John Doe”, uh, I mean, Scott Walker is, you know, “cooking the books”.

    I know that you’re worried, sport. So is Snotty Scotty. Just try to relax.

    John-Boy: “The liberals are running scared.”

    Yeahhhh (*laughing*), I don’t think so. Time to step away from the keyboard, and look up “projection”. Someone’s clearly scared. Spoiler alert, big boy. It isn’t “[t]he liberals”.

    John-Boy: “They were unable to get any traction with the silly war on workers crapola. . .”

    (*laughing*) “Crapola”, John-Boy? First of all this isn’t “hard-boiled detective fiction”, and you’re not Raymond Chandler or Humphrey Bogart. Second of all, it’s 2012, not 1940. Spend a little time at, and update your vocabulary, white boy.

    In any event, little homey, the “war on workers” is real, and definitely not silly. Your problem is that your position in this regard is belied by the facts, not to mention the words coming out of Snotty Scotty’s own mouth when he sucking up to billionaires, real or fake.

    Let’s plan to “talk” on June 6th about all of this, a’ite? Well, assuming you’ve stopped crying by then, of course.

    Love and kisses,

  4. One says “cooking the books” when someone is “cooking the books.” Simple, isn’t it, John? What we have in this country is a system that compares unemployment and jobs on an “apples to apples” basis. Scott Walker is trying to slip oranges in the mix to his advantage. That ain’t honest in any sense of the word.

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