Dr. Glen Barry: Scott Walker is still unfit for office

Is Republican Gov. Scott Walker unfit for office?

Dr. Glen Barry, a classmate of Walker’s at Marquette University, thinks so.

To put it politely, Walker was not the sharpest tool in the shed, actually amongst the least sharp. With a C average (if that) and never graduating, I am not surprised to see him making up his own math on jobs when the real numbers don’t suit him. This reflects the utter disdain with which he holds truth, knowledge, education, and anything else that clashes with his absolutist worldview of religious and corporate based rule. As a classmate, he displayed a shocking lack of curiosity, original thought, or interest in topics other than his political ascendency.

You can read the rest at undoctrinaire.


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1 thought on “Dr. Glen Barry: Scott Walker is still unfit for office

  1. Excellent essay. Spot on with “Tinpot dictator” and “petty tyrant” but “sociopathy” really says it all. No empathy or remorse, but manipulative and disdainful of established societal rules – that fits Scott Walker to a tee. So what happens to society when it is subject to sociopathic leadership? It fragments, dissembles, and disintegrates. History will look upon this time with consternation.

    If Walker is successfully recalled, June 5 should be celebrated each year as Reclamation Day to commemorate resistance to anti-democratic tyranny! 🙂

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