“It’s a Trap!”

The Imperial Walker is hoping to lure innocent protesters to their doom when he makes a public appearance at a memorial service at the Capitol for fallen police officers.  MacGruber Noise Service, Faux Noise and the rest of the RWNJ media would like nothing more than to capture on video a bunch of protesters yelling at a memorial to slain police officers.  Walker standing there, looking bewildered as he says “Shame!” into the microphone, perhaps a tear running down his cheek.

Grant Wisconsin’s finest the dignity they’ve earned no matter how difficult it may be to let Walker speak unmolested by the chanting horde.

Do not fall for this trap!

Dozens of squad cars will be in parade on Capitol Square at noon Friday, honoring officers who have died in the line of duty, at the 22nd annual ceremony at the Wisconsin Law Enforcement Memorial at the corner of Pinckney and Mifflin Streets on Capitol Square.

Two officers’ names have been added to the memorial this year, Beloit Merchant Police Officer Frederick Samp, and Fond du Lac Police Officer Craig Birkholz.


Speakers at the memorial include Gov. Scott Walker and Attorney General J.B. Van Hollen.

Officers honoring the fallen will also be posted at the memorial starting at about 5 a.m. Friday.

Do not… I repeat… Do Not Protest this event!

As tempting as it might be to give it to The Imperial Walker right to his face, we must all resist the temptation to protest at this event.

(h/t Blue Cheddar)


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9 thoughts on ““It’s a Trap!”

  1. Don’t worry. Madison’s full of protesters who will protest this, and if they can find one person protesting, McGuyver will be there and it’ll be on YouTube within the hour, and they’ll immediately start complaining on Twitter that the major media is avoiding the story. Soon Media Trackers and Wisconsin Reporter will chime in. We know the drill, right?

  2. Gosh, folks – lay off of him for this one day. You can chase him around all you want but let him go for this. They deserve it, and like the article suggests it wouldn’t look good anyway.

  3. Phil, thanks for posting this. I hope the usual suspects in Madison will have common sense enough to know that protesting at this event will end up being a black eye on all of us.

    1. Why do you feel responsible for everyone else? Just because someone is anti-Walker, you feel you need to defend and support how they express that?

          1. You must have missed “that day” in Cynical Teapublican/Conservative/Lee Atwater/Karl Rove Political Tactics “class”.

            Give one of us a call. You can copy our “lecture notes”.

          2. Because the world is a cruel mistress. Because, from beyond the grave, zombies like Andrew Breitbart live on to blacken all our eyes when one moron misbehaves. Because FoxNews sees palm trees. Because that’s the way it is…

            Go protest. See what happens. You’ve been warned what the consequences will be… Make your own decision. Be a man.

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