Jon Huntsman our next Secretary of State?

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has already stated that she will not continue in that post when President Obama is re-elected. Jon Huntsman has said a few things in recent interviews that were rather negative of the Republican Party as a whole and the group of Presidential candidates in 2012 in particular. Because Mr. Huntsman’s tepid endorsement of Mitt Romney a number of bloggers took these comments to mean that he was leaving the Republican Party. Mr. Huntsman has denied that he is leaving the GOP of course.

Well, his association with the Obama administration wasn’t viewed as a plus by the fickle Republican base that were active in the primaries. But his time as ambassador apparently earned him high marks internationally.

So, will we see Jon Huntsman accept the role of Secretary of State on January 21, 2013?

He’d have a tough act of follow but I think he’s up to the task.


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5 thoughts on “Jon Huntsman our next Secretary of State?

  1. He would be an excellent choice, and he was the only GOP presidential candidate that has any clue about reality.

  2. If President Obama wins a second term and Hillary Clinton does leave, I’d look for John Kerry as SoS.

  3. Are we ruling out Biden as SOS with Clinton as VP?

    On the topic of the post I think Huntsman is top notch material for large world view politics. I think his role at the UN would be my first choice if he were interested.

  4. I am not sure I’m comfortable with Kerry out front a SoS…ambassador to the UN maybe. I don’t think SoS Clinton would accept the VP…I think she is planning on regrouping for a presidential campaign in 2016.

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