Mahlon Mitchell needs your help

Democratic Lt. Governor candidate Mahlon Mitchell needs your help.

Unlike Democratic gubernatorial candidate Tom Barrett, who brought a healthy campaign war chest into the gubernatorial recall race, Mitchell has been working hard to raise the money necessary to spread his message across Wisconsin.

That’s where you come in. I’ve previously mentioned the Blogging Blue “Twelve in ’12” effort to raise money this year to help elect twelve great Democratic candidates here in Wisconsin, but the “Twelve in ’12” is now the “Thirteen in ’12,” because we need to help raise enough money for Mahlon Mitchell to run the kind of campaign that will lead to a win on June. You can make a contribution to Mahlon Mitchell’s Lt. Governor campaign by clicking the thermometer below.

Goal Thermometer


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9 thoughts on “Mahlon Mitchell needs your help

  1. I am sure BMO, all of their emnployees, customers and investors would be more than happy to contribute to Mitchell. Just have him send them another letter threatening a boycott. It went over well last time.
    Then go down to the local Kwik trip, I bet they’d be willing to help Mitchell’s cause. Mitchell needs a New slogan:


    Make sure you have a picture of the big blue fist included.

  2. Kim calls herself “Obama”, but you can just call her, “Kim,” the “black sheep” of the Obama family, or simply “wingnut extraordinaire”.

    That said, I hear she’s from Kenya. Sheriff Joe said so. Must be true, huh?

  3. Kim, ladies and gentlement, Wisconsin’s very own Rudy Giuliani – a noun, a verb and “union thugs”.

    (*laughing*) Wingnut crackpot.

    “The stupid. It BURRRRRRRNS!!!”

  4. First off, I am against any boycotts of business purely for political reasons. Had Mitchell’s calls for boycott been at all effective people of all different political beliefs would have been harmed. The positive side is that the unions and thugs like Mitchell are becoming so weak that their threats are meaningless.

    Secondly, nice response, Zuma. You can’t find anything meaningful to say, so resort to third grade name calling. be careful, your intelligence is showing.

    1. What’s your purpose in life? Really? Explain it to us all? Is it to better the world you live in or denounce the world around you?
      In all seriousness, I have yet to meet a right-wing conservative who is honest, self-aware, and able to see reality. Not once have I encountered a right-wing conservative who has been able to change his/her opinion on anything when shown unequivocal evidence that his/her opinion is based on false information. Not once.
      I have yet to see a right-winger use his/her real name on blog sites, either. Fear. It’s what’s for dinner in Right-wing World.

    2. Exactly what makes Mahlon Mitchell a thug?

      For that matter, what makes public employees who dared to protest Gov. Walker’s attack on collective bargaining rights thugs?

      See, I’ve been called a thug because I’ve dared to fight to protect my rights, and I’m wondering how exactly I’m a thug. I’m hoping you can explain exactly how Mahlon Mitchell and I are thugs.

    3. Ya ever heard the expression, “Pearls before swine”, Kim. Think about it.

      Anyway, homegirl, I reserve “meaningful” responses for comments which, and commenters who, deserve one.

      Get your mind out of the rightwing extremist gutter, get rid of the “Obama” moniker and the “union thug” BS, and write a cogent, fact-based comment. Then, and only then, will you get a “meaningful” response from me.

      Until then, you wingnut crackpot, you, I’ll just be calling you a wingnut crackpot.

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