Matt Taibbi Calls the Race for Obama

…but he’s not very happy about it.

[T]his campaign, relatively speaking, will not be fierce or hotly contested. Instead it’ll be disappointing, embarrassing, and over very quickly, like a hand job in a Bangkok bathhouse. And everybody knows it. It’s just impossible to take Mitt Romney seriously as a presidential candidate. Even the news reporters who are paid to drum up dramatic undertones are having a hard time selling Romney as half of a titanic title bout.

…Obama versus Bush actually felt like a clash of ideological opposites. But Obama and Romney feels like a contest between two calculating centrists, fighting for the right to serve as figurehead atop a bloated state apparatus that will operate according to the same demented imperial logic irrespective of who wins the White House. George Bush’s reign highlighted the enormous power of the individual president to drive policy, which made the elections involving him compelling contests; Obama’s first term has highlighted the timeless power of the intractable bureaucracy underneath the president, which is kind of a bummer, when you think about it.

Yay, democracy…


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1 thought on “Matt Taibbi Calls the Race for Obama

  1. Taibbi might be underestimating the lengths to which conservatives will go to regain the White House. I wish his jab at the “intractable bureaucracy” was more illuminating. As it stands it only reinforces conservative criticism of government structure – structure that requires eradication. Bureaucracies are an integral to a properly functioning republic and a properly functioning democracy. Bureaucracy is not problematic if it operates as it should: as an independent element within the public domain free from the vagaries of the election cycle and free from the instabilities of factionalism. But, we have neither a republic nor a democracy that properly functions. If we did Mitt Romney, Herman Cain, Sarah Palin, Rick Santorum, Rick Perry, Michele Bachmann, and Ron Paul could never have made it as far as they did – it’s really quite frightening. Romney could very well win and win 2 terms.

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