(More) Police for Barrett

The West Allis PPA has flipped for Barrett.

On Friday, a day after the video was released to the press, the West Allis Professional Police Association, which had endorsed Walker over Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett in November 2010, announced it was backing Barrett in the June rematch for governor.

“I didn’t think I’d ever be voting Democrat. I know some of my friends feel the same way,” says Tim Fletcher, a detective with the West Allis drug unit and a voting member of the association’s political action committee. “But we’re all saying, ‘How can we vote for him again? We can’t.’”

You’re not alone, detective.   You’re not alone.


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11 thoughts on “(More) Police for Barrett

      1. By the way, my poll was completely scientific and polled three absolutely certain voters in my household. The margin of error is 0%.

    1. Polls by the GOP’s pet polling company, er, Rasmussen skews 4% Republican and with the margin of error, that’s what’s known as a “tie.” Which is amusing because Barrett’s been running for a week while Walker’s been running (and fundraising) for months.

    2. @ John-Boy

      You should really wait for the unbiased pollsters to check in before letting your wingnut wet dreams get the better of you.

      “John Doe”, uh, I mean, Scott Walker is in trouble, not that Scott Rasmussen would EVER admit to something like that. After all, the RNC pays him BIG bucks to make wingnuts like you feel better about life, and to keep your “bubble” intact.

  1. Well the real poll will be June 5th, and then we will see. Either way, kiss collective bargaining for public employees goodbye for at least a decade, probably forever. I agree with FDR that it’s a model that doesn’t work, so I say good riddance!

  2. It’s a model that worked in Wisconsin for 50 years. You got dedicated, educated and hard working public employees on the cheap in this state. Every honest study shows public employees were compensated at less than their skills, education, experience and duties would warrant in the private market. Through collective bargaining the employees traded away monetary considerations at the behest of politicians to save tax payer money and received other compensation that was less expensive to provide. It was a balancing act that served everyone well and trying to drag out of context FDR statements into the mix doesn’t actually do anything to support your clearly untenable position

  3. Hi Paul, other than first names I would say it’s obvious that we have nothing in common on this… As a public employee who worked in the private sector for a long time, I can say that in my experience most of what you say should be thrown in the trash and collected by some of these fine public servants – especially in the modern workforce. To say that public employees (as a whole – there are exceptions like in any business) are under compensated is just not true, especially when benefits and especially pensions are included in the mix.

    1. Paul, as a public worker who also started my career in the private sector I am very comfortable with my assertion (backed by studies and data) that public workers are under compensated, even when benefits are included. My friends with less education and much easier job duties tend to make more than I make, and do so on a routine basis. I have spent years as an unarmed first responder to emergency situations in the worst neighborhoods of Milwaukee (almost always without any kind of support or police assistance) and rarely have I ever seen a year where I broke $50,000 even with tons of OT and weekend shifts. I have ten years of on the job experience, advanced certification in my field and two college degrees. I worked cheap. I was happy to work cheap knowing that money that could have been in my check was banked in health insurance and retirement so I didn’t end up like my parents with no savings, no insurance and a drain on the public coffers in my old age. You can look at the salaries and benefits of the great majority of people who do dangerous, usually unappreciated work protecting their communities as a public service and find my story told a hundred times over without even trying that hard. All of that cheap, dedicated labor came to the people of Wisconsin courtesy of collective bargaining agreements. Agreements where the benefits to pay ratio was proposed by the public officials, not the pubic servants, in order to save tax payers money. You may feel justified stealing from my family, but don’t pretend it is because I am doing financially better than I deserve Sir.

  4. The argument, particularly by democrats, should never be, “who fares better, private or public sector employees?” The argument by both sides should be “Has the work force in the US fared better having unions set the bar?” Yup- private sector is forced to compete.

    In addition, I haven’t worked for less than $10/hour since I was in college, but there are factory workers supporting families on that. It’s a shame everyone doesn’t see the value unions provide for all working people. In addition, Scott Walker gets an A plus on his divide and conquer strategy. We now see union vs non-union households battling and even union vs union.

    Stupid sheep, I guess….

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