Recall Memo: June 5th: Divide and Conquer says Governor Walker?

The video showing Governor Walker telling his biggest campaign contributor that his strategy for changing the political environment in Wisconsin to an all red all the time state was DIVIDE AND CONQUER has been making the rounds since last week. Why or why do videos keep cropping up with the governor saying exactly the opposite of something he’s said or done? Like saying he would negotiate with the unions?

Oh well, here’s a bit of divide and conquer humor:

And of course:

And now for another helpful reminder: RECALL WALKER!

VOTE for Governor:

—–>> Barrett

VOTE for Lieutenant Governor:

—–>> Mitchell


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3 thoughts on “Recall Memo: June 5th: Divide and Conquer says Governor Walker?

  1. I miss C&H. One of the things I’m enjoying about parenthood is not just “rediscovering” the collections on my own and triggering a lot of great personal memories, but also the vicarious sense of wonder and amusement of the world of both Calvin and my kids enjoy. Perhaps more than anything else, where it’s so easy to push your kids to grow up as fast as they can – and certainly they’re in an even greater hurry – Calvin & Hobbes reminds us to enjoy childhood for the gift it is.

    And yet…along with all of that, to roar with laughter at something like, “Despite that amazing display of cunning, reflex, and physical prowess, your tail still has a death-grip on your butt” along with your 10 and 7 year old has to take miles off the tires.

    I acknowledge & fully respect his right to do as he pleases with his creation – but still think Watterson was a bit of tool for some of his rationale for ending the strip.

  2. Calvin and Hobbes was my favorite comic strip when it was first published and I have several collections on my book shelf. And as a parent it certainly does highlight much of the wonder that is part of childhood.

    My current favorite strip is Frazz…who has been accused of being the grown up Calvin. In some ways that feels just about right!

    1. Generally, I haven’t done much reading of comics in years. A few geek ones like gpf, and some graphic novels like Frank Miller & similar, but don’t do the newspaper any more & just haven’t gotten into much online…

      just took a quick peek & on first blush, holy cow does he ever look like Calvin. Surprised Watterson hasn’t sued yet.

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