Recall Memo: June 5th: MoveOn Org endorses Mayor Barrett for Governor!

From an email that I received yesterday: “A stunning 98% of MoveOn members who voted over the weekend voted for MoveOn to endorse Tom Barrett for governor of Wisconsin.”

“MoveOn’s overwhelming endorsement is also a reminder to voters of Tom Barrett’s strong, progressive record fighting for the 99% his whole career.”

When Tom Barrett heard that MoveOn members had voted to endorse him, he said:

“Scott Walker has become a right-wing rockstar for attempting to ‘divide and conquer’ working, middle-class families in Wisconsin. Walker’s ideological civil war has ripped apart our state and led Wisconsin to be dead last in job creation. We urgently need your help to fix Wisconsin and stop Walker’s disastrous tea party agenda from spreading to other states. That’s why I’m honored to have earned your support. Together we will defeat Scott Walker on June 5 and win this fight for the future of America’s middle-class.”

Whether via early voting, absentee ballot or at your polling place on June 5th:

And now for another helpful reminder: RECALL WALKER!

VOTE for Governor:

—–>> Barrett

VOTE for Lieutenant Governor:

—–>> Mitchell


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