Scott Walker’s off to a bad start towards creating 10,000 new businesses in Wisconsin

Said gubernatorial candidate Scott Walker in 2010:

“If you elect me as your next governor, I’ll get government out of the way and lower the tax burden so Wisconsin business owners and factories can create 250,000 jobs and 10,000 businesses in our state by 2015.”

The only problem with Walker’s promise?

Wisconsin has actually seen a decrease in the number of businesses in the state since Walker was inaugurated as our governor.

As of April 2012, the number of businesses in Wisconsin has actually decreased by 4,338 when compared with December 2010, the last month before Gov. Walker was inaugurated, so it looks like Gov. Walker actually needs to create 14,338 new businesses in Wisconsin if he’s going to meet his promise.

Then again, considering Gov. Walker has just three weeks left in office, it looks like his promise to create 10,000 new businesses in Wisconsin will never be met.


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