The return of #WaukeshaWatch (with contest and actual prize)

With less than one week to go before the Wisconsin recall election, tension is mounting. Jeff Christensen and I have already received numerous inquiries about Kathy Nickolaus’ involvement in the process. Jeff doesn’t anticipate any problems here, but it’s obvious that many voters are concerned, so he will once again position himself at the Waukesha County Courthouse on election night, armed with plenty of low-nutrient, high-calorie snacks, in an attempt to quell Kathy Nickolaus-related fears. #WaukeshaWatch is back. And this time there’s an actual prize to go with our contest.

For those who missed #WaukeshaWatch: Primary Election Edition on May 8, here’s how our comprehensive two-part election night plan works:

Part one:

The Wisconsin Voter Protection Team has volunteer poll watchers staked out at various polling places throughout Waukesha County (click here to sign up). The team watches for and reports any election night irregularities.

Part two:

Jeff Christensen assumes position at the Waukesha County Courthouse at 8pm, and begins tweeting updates under the hashtag #WaukeshaWatch (click here to view our report from the primary). You can also follow @demjeff. He’ll keep us appraised of developments and report on all things Kathy Nickolaus. Jeff will also go off on a few tangents to keep us entertained.

The Contest:

In May, our contest consisted of naming the twitter hashtag that Jeff would use, and the prize was a one-year subscription to Blogging Blue (market value: $0).

This time around, the contest involves guessing the exact time that Kathy Nickolaus will officially submit her final totals. The contest closes at 7:59pm on election night. The first person to guess correctly wins. Email your guesses to

The winner of the contest will receive a 2011-2012 Wisconsin Blue Book autographed by Jeff Christensen and a one year subscription to Blogging Blue (market value: $0 plus whatever Jeff’s signature is worth).

Thanks for your participation, and for voting on June 5th!


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9 thoughts on “The return of #WaukeshaWatch (with contest and actual prize)

  1. Friends, Remember the nutshell con- eyes over here…voter suppression & election fraud over there, and there, and there…
    I think Wisconsin really needs the Jimmy Carter International Election Inspectors but under Secretary of Ohio State in the 2004 presidential election they weren’t allowed in the state.

  2. I’m trying to figure out where the violent rhetoric is. The only thing I’ve seen violent lately is seeing Fred try to spin himself out of another gaffe.

    1. Yeah, I got whiplash looking for ALL that “violent rhetoric”.

      Dooley is truly (hmmmm, didn’t see THAT rhyme coming) an unrepentant partisan moron.

      Well, AT LEAST he’s got those movie star good looks to fall back on, huh? (*laughing*)

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