Wisconsin cannot afford TWO Tea Party politicians in the Senate

While many of us have been laser-focused on the upcoming recall election, Senator Ron Johnson has been busy making bizarre statements. But Johnson is not the only Republican making absurd declarations. Tommy Thompson, Eric Hovde, and Mark Neumann have all been hard at work trying to out-Tea-Party one another in the race for U.S. Senate. Yet yesterday Mark Neumann sent out an attack against Tammy Baldwin (D) claiming that she “eats, sleeps, and breathes radicalism.” Despite intense focus on the recall, this behavior has not gone unnoticed.

After saying that liberals dominate the media and thanking God for Rush Limbaugh, Ron Johnson recently claimed that without talk radio hosts like Charlie Sykes, Vicki McKenna and Mark Belling, conservatives “wouldn’t have a chance” in Wisconsin.

Johnson also said that liberals are “an uncivil bunch, a humorless bunch” and that liberals’ “number one tactic is to demonize people.”

It’s like Ron Johnson lives in a perpetual opposites day.

Did Johnson miss the “Divide and Conquer” video in which Walker tells billionaire donor Diane Hendricks that in order to make Wisconsin a right-to-work state he would employ a “divide a conquer” strategy? Did Johnson not realize that it was his own party, the Wisconsin GOP, that demonized Wisconsin teachers to drive a wedge between public and private sector employees in order to score political points?

Johnson’s comments are hard to take.

Equally hard to take is that Tommy Thompson wants to repeal Health Care Reform, that Eric Hovde seems to want to eliminate the entire federal government, and that Mark Neumann is attacking Tammy Baldwin for being a “radical leftist” because she stood with Wisconsinites who didn’t want to lose collective bargaining rights.

So while we work diligently on the recall election, it would behoove us to multitask and continue to keep an eye on the Senate race. Because we cannot afford to have TWO Tea Party politicians representing us in the Senate.

I stand with Tammy Baldwin

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8 thoughts on “Wisconsin cannot afford TWO Tea Party politicians in the Senate

  1. Lisa, you’re exactly right that Ron Johnson seems to be living in bizarro world.

    Then again, considering what an empty suit he proved to be during the 2010 campaign, I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s simply parroting whatever talking points were handed to him by one of his staffers….perhaps Patrick McIlheran, for instance.

  2. Mark this day so it may be remembered: Ron Johnson disgorged a particle of spew with which I can agree. He’s absolutely right. Without the dissimulating elephant trio (Sykes, Belling, and McKenna) conservatives wouldn’t stand a chance in Wisconsin. Seems to me there’s much too much radio nonsense in this state. Maybe Blogging Blue can expand to radio? 🙂

    1. PJ, I’ve got a face for TV, not a voice for radio.

      However, I think a Blogging Blue podcast would be hellaciously fun, if we could figure out the logistics.

      1. My vote would be for a Wisconsin version of Left, Right & Center. One of the very few podcasts I listen to these days. Though it’s not been the same since the passing of Tony Blankley.

  3. I find it curious that a supposed front running candidate for U.S. Senator would accept a board chairmanship during his campaign…could Tommy Thompson be anymore callous in hedging his bets?

  4. …it’s like he lives in that bizzaro world where Lex Luther is good and Superman is evil………..life imitating art?

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