Wisconsin Loses Another 6,200 Jobs in April

Yes, it sure is working.  Carry on, citizens, nothing to see here.

At a time when government jobs statistics are under scrutiny as never before, preliminary data released Thursday showed that Wisconsin lost an estimated 6,200 private-sector jobs in April.

April showed the second consecutive month of private-sector job losses in the state, according to the preliminary data from the state Department of Workforce Development.

Meanwhile, again according to the preliminary data, Wisconsin’s state government added 500 jobs while the state’s cities and counties shed jobs. Adding in the net job gains in the government sector, the state lost an estimated total of 5,900 jobs in April from March.


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2 thoughts on “Wisconsin Loses Another 6,200 Jobs in April

  1. Tomorrow Scotty will be claiming 6,200 jobs gained. The problem here is that the facts are competing with lies, and the media isn’t calling them lies.

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