And the winner of the June 5 #WaukeshaWatch contest is…

During the May 8 primary election here in Waukesha County, things went slowly, but smoothly. But since our embattled county clerk, Kathy Nickolaus, appeared to be in charge of that election, even though she was not “supposed” to be, some Wisconsin voters were concerned that she may once again be in charge on June 5. So, in order to once again keep tabs on Nickolaus, Jeff Christensen and I brought back #WaukeshaWatch, contest and prize included. (More about #WaukeshaWatch here.)

The contest this time around was simple: guess what time Kathy Nickolaus would submit her vote totals, provided she was in charge, and win a 2011-2012 Wisconsin Blue Book autographed by The Man Who Watches Waukesha, Jeff Christensen, and a one-year subscription to Blogging Blue, which, insists Blogging Blue’s owner, Zach, is priceless.

Since, according to Jeff Christensen,  Kathy Nickolaus submitted her vote totals at 12:46am on June 6, the Blue Book and blue blog subscription goes to The Eastsider from Madison, Wisconsin, who predicted that Nickolaus would turn in her numbers at 10:53 pm on June 5, “give or take five minutes, when she takes a latte break.”

A few other entries were close, too, like the one from Steve, who guessed that Nickolaus would submit her final numbers on June 6 at 3am, because “Kathy knows all eyes are on her.”

There were some questions as to whether or not Kathy Nickolaus would really and truly be running the election this time, and those questions were asked earlier in the day on June 5.

From James Rowan for JSOnline:

The polls haven’t even closed, but Waukesha County Executive Dan Vrakas and the Waukesha County Clerk’s Office (run by the lightning rod, process-challenged Kathy Nickolaus) are at odds over who is running the recall balloting there.

As this newspaper reported at 6:48 p.m:

While Waukesha County Executive Dan Vrakas and his chief of staff insisted Tuesday that County Clerk Kathy Nickolaus was not the one in charge of election duties this recall election, she appeared to be at the helm.

Nickolaus refused to respond to questions in her office, turning her back and closing her office door while a reporter waited at a service counter. Her deputy, Kelly Yaeger, didn’t respond, either.

I suspect we will be hearing more about this as the counting commences.

But Rowan’s suspicions were incorrect; reporters still didn’t know who was officially running the election as late as 10:02pm, according to this tweet from Jeff Christensen:

@demjeff Still don’t know who is taking credit.(10:02pm)

Despite not really knowing who was running the show, things appeared to go smoothly. Here are some of Jeff’s tweets:

At location for #waukeshawatch ! (7:51pm)

All is quiet at the Courthouse. #waukeshawatch (8:28pm)

First numbers in from the rural parts of Waukesha County. 17200 Walker, 5536 Barrett (8:33pm)

This next tweet from Jeff  leads me to believe that Kathy Nickolaus was in charge:

We were informed by Kathy Nickolaus that the Town of Genesee had 88% turnout. #waukeshawatch (8:38pm)

More tweets from Jeff:

We officially have 21 of 184 precincts in so far. That’s 11.35%.#waukeshawatch (8:41pm)

New #s to report. 44144 Walker, 15286 Barrett. Much of Delafield, Men Falls, Sussex & Brookfield. #waukeshawatch (8:59pm)

New #s: Walker 69693 to 25259. 88 of 185 precincts in.#waukeshawatch (9:10pm)

108/185 precincts in. 82149 to 30534. #waukeshawatch (9:26pm)

145/185 precincts in. 107007 to 41451. #waukeshawatch (9:44pm)

154/185 units in. 116149 to 45091. The new numbers include New Berlin. #waukeshawatch (9:52pm)

164/185 reporting. 127277 to 48747. #waukeshawatch (10:04pm)

172/185 units done. 137289 to 52004. #waukeshawatch (10:12pm)

Only City of Oconomowoc, Village of Pewaukee, Town of Waukesha & T of Lisbon yet to report. #waukeshawatch (10:13pm)

174/185 units in. 138846 to 52545. #waukeshawatch (10:32pm)

Just waiting for Oconomowoc & Pewaukee now. #waukeshawatch (10:43pm)

Only City of Oconomowoc and 1 unit of Town of Lisbon left.#waukeshawatch (10:59pm)

This tweet also leads me to believe that Kathy was in charge, or at least, actively involved:

Waukesha is all but done, only Oconomowoc is out. Kathy will tweet final results when done. I’m headed home. #waukeshawatch (11:31pm)

According to Jeff, Nickolaus was tweeting under the official account of the Waukesha County Clerk, @WCCountyClerk.

The reason that any of this matters is because the public was led to believe that the embattled Kathy Nickolaus would not be running things, but she appeared to be in charge on both May 8 and June 5.

Since her term isn’t up until December 31, 2012, and since Kathy Nickolaus has refused to resign, she may be running the November elections, including the presidential election.

If Kathy Nickolaus won’t resign, despite numerous protests and pressure from city leaders like Dan Vrakas, then we citizens are going to keep a close eye on her. That’s what #WaukeshaWatch is all about.

Nickolaus was elected to do a job competently, and we’re going to do everything in our power to hold her to account. Even if it means holding contests with questionable prizes.

We hold our elected officials to account. Even in Waukesha.

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