New Baldwin ad – “Paper”

Yesterday I wondered when Democratic U.S. Senate candidate Tammy Baldwin would start running TV ads, and lo and behold her campaign announced their first TV ad later yesterday morning. Titled “Paper,” the ad highlights Baldwin’s record of working across party lines and leading a bi-partisan fight to crack down on China’s unfair trade practices that costs Wisconsin manufacturing and paper industry jobs.

Here’s the ad:

If you’d like to help Tammy Baldwin’s campaign keep their ad on their air, consider making a contribution to her campaign.


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4 thoughts on “New Baldwin ad – “Paper”

  1. My father worked in a paper mill in Rhinelander, Wisconsin. I worked in that same mill for two summers, when I was in college, on paper machines 6 and 7. I think one of them was named “The Big Swede.” I remember my last summer there in 1989, two of the older paper machines there where being dismantled and shipped to China. Tammy is talking about something that middle class families were concerned about back when GHW Bush was fresh the to the Presidency. Finally a Democrat that gets it. If she runs this ad and other ones about the Wisconsin paper industry in Northern Wisconsin, Central Wisconsin and the Fox River Valley, she will be the next senator from the Great State of Wisconsin. People in these areas (Rhinelander, Wausau, Brokaw, etc.) still remember when these jobs where the backbone of their communities, and now a lot of these jobs are gone, the paper mill in Brokaw was just closed.

    If my father were still alive today, he would probably say something like “Who cares if she’s a lesbian, she’s the only one who knows what the hell is going on!” As for myself, I was ready to sit this election out, especially after watching millions and millions of dollars drown out the state in the recalls and seeing no response from the Democrats. But if this is going to be her campaign, if these are the issues she is going to talk about from one corner of the state to the other, she is the only reason I will show up to vote. I owe that to my dad and the wage he pulled down at the Rhinelander Paper Company (RIPCO) which put me through college.

    1. I agree. She may not be as “in your face” as some candidates or elected officials, but that’s probably not a bad thing, given the political climate here in Wisconsin.

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