1 thought on “Pol dancing in Wisconsin?

  1. I don’t buy it. The dancer seems to have a number of tattoos, especially on the upper right arm. There’s one more pic on the Silk site that Beast didn’t quote, and the right-arm tattoos are much more visible. We can’t see the right arm of the sleeveless phallus-cake-cutter. Which one is supposed to be Rhodes in the other pic? The one on the left? Again, no tats there. Rhodes was already working in the Capitol by 2003 and mixed-up in the Jensen caucus scandal in 2006, so those Silk pics would need to be pretty old.

    What sort of crazy tip would’ve connected Rhodes-Engel to the stripper? If someone did the research to find the Silk pics, surely they would’ve seen the one I linked to. It’s adjacent to the other.

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