President Obama may have my vote in November, but that’s about it

I’ve you’ve been reading along here at Blogging Blue, you’ve no doubt come to understand that while I’m a proud progressive (and a member of the Democratic Party) I’ve been uh……less than enthusiastic in my support of President Barack Obama heading into the November general election. My dissatisfaction with President Obama stems from this promise he made while on the campaign trail in 2007:

I haven’t forgotten then-presidential candidate Obama’s promise to “put on a comfortable pair of shoes” and “walk on that picket line” with workers who were being denied their right to organize or collectively bargain, nor have I forgotten Obama’s statement that “workers deserve to know someone is standing in their corner.”

In fact, I couldn’t agree more with President Obama’s statements – statements that he would have been wise to remember when Wisconsin’s public employees found their rights to organize and collectively bargain almost completely stripped away, resulting in those public employees taking to the streets of our state’s capital to voice their outrage and disappointment. While Wisconsin’s public employees – and those who support public employees – didn’t strike, President Obama’s presence at one of the many rallies held at our State Capitol would surely have been welcome, because his presence would have made it clear that Wisconsin’s public employee had someone “standing in their corner,” to borrow President Obama’s own words.

While I still consider myself a Democrat and likely always will, I’ve grown disappointed and disillusioned by the Democratic president I helped elect in 2008. I elected a president who said he’d have my back, and instead I got a president who couldn’t be bothered to step foot in Wisconsin to stand with our state’s public employees and those who opposed Republican efforts to weaken our unions. In 2008, I was proud to raise money, donate my own money, and donate my time to help elect Barack Obama as our president, but things are different this year. President Obama may have my vote in November, but he won’t get a nickel of my money or a minute of my time, because I’m not standing behind a president who couldn’t be bothered to stand behind me when I needed him the most.

Vote for Barack Obama in 2012? Sure, but if you’re a union member don’t expect him to stand in your corner when Republicans come to take away your rights to organize and collectively bargain, because he won’t be there standing with you.


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8 thoughts on “President Obama may have my vote in November, but that’s about it

  1. I am almost with you 100%. My only concern, and probably what OFA is counting on, is if we don’t work or donate do we get the alternative. That would be worse. Otherwise, I share your sentiments.

    1. There’s not really a perfect solution to the problem (which I’m sure OFA knows), but I’m simply speaking for myself. I simply cannot invest myself in a campaign to reelect a candidate that has PROVEN he will not stand up for me like he promised.

  2. Recalls are a different animal than a strike. It’s a kind of public impeachment proceeding. Bill Clinton went though a similar process which really hurt his presidency and led to G.W. Bush’s election. Obama made a decision to avoid a similar additional fight which would have come if he’d stepped in. I don’t agree with that. But nobody’s perfect. I agree with every other decision he’s made, and am just thankful a man with his intellect, ability and character has opened himself up to so much criticism and danger for America.

  3. I will vote for Obama again. Although I think he caved in too much to the GOP nuts…he is better than Romney/Ryan. Obama was handed a mess thanks to decades of abuse. My only wish is like Gov. Patrick said at the DNC…he would grow a back bone. I am hoping next term if he gets in, he will. I may be wrong. And let’s not forget…if the Dems take back the house and keep the Senate he will have no excuse.

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