Pro-Walker Thug Arrested Carrying a No Union Thugs Sign

Yes, the irony is ironic. A guy at the Barrett / Clinton rally hauling a giant “Support Scott Walker NOT Union Thugs” sign was arrested for basically being a thug.  Patch has the video.

“My husband and I were at the rally standing six feet from him 15 minutes before the rally began, during, and when he was arrested as the rally ended,” she writes. “Even before the rally began he was screaming at people near him that held recall signs. Get out the vote volunteers flanked him to make sure he was safe even as he was screaming at people and acting as if he could hit people with his sign.

“An elderly woman asked him to have some manners so she could hear the speakers. He became more belligerent, and when the president took the stage, he became louder with non-stop yelling at people in his close proximity and at the president. You could not hear the president anymore as the guy was yelling at everyone around him and the president.

The police intervened at the end of the rally and arrested the man.  This was, of course, the only arrest at an otherwise peaceful gathering.

They’re coming quite unhinged as the end of our failed Governor’s reign draws near.


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10 thoughts on “Pro-Walker Thug Arrested Carrying a No Union Thugs Sign

  1. I have a photo of the same man. He actually said he’s a firefighter/EMT.

    His behavior was boorish and disrespectful, and I was galled that he couldn’t show enough respect to let President Clinton speak without attempting to interrupt.

  2. The protestor pictures is one of Brian Piericks “girlfriends” It would stand to reason he stands with walker

      1. Exactly.

        And from what I can discern, Pierick was the least directly associated with Scott Walker of all the folks charged with criminal behavior.

        1. His sexual orientation is irrelevant. But Tim Russell was Walker’s best friend, and Pierick, Walker, and Russell all had a close political relationship. Plus, Russell was clearly involved in the effort to lure a teenager out of their parents’ house for sex in a van. I think Pierick is completely fair game, and speaks to Walker’s character and hypocrisy. Gay or straight, if someone I knew well through politics was trying to lure teenagers out of their parents’ house into vans for sex, they should not expect me to be supportive of that.

  3. Looks like the same fuckface that was trying to disrupt the rally at the Capitol a couple of month back. Sign is even the same. Check to see if he’s one of those agitators Walker told the fake David Koch about.

  4. I look forward to all the conservative commentary about the necessity of disallowing any picket broomsticks or slats at Presidential or candidate events.

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