The Lori Compas campaign: “This is how it should be” (with video)

Even though Lori Compas did not defeat Scott Fitzgerald in the June 5 recall election, she received 32,870 votes in an extremely red Wisconsin district. Regardless of the outcome, Compas ran a campaign to be proud of, a campaign powered by middle-class Wisconsinites rather than big-moneyed special interests.

Compas, a political neophyte and unknown, built a campaign from scratch by trusting her instincts, staying true to her integrity, and crafting her own resources.  She ignored the naysayers and remained undeterred even with the odds stacked against her. And she did it in 6 months and 22 days. Erin Sievert best summed up the Lori Compas campaign via Facebook: “Community. Friends. Hard Work. An amazing candidate. This is how it should be.”


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  1. Today Katrina Katrina vanden Heuvel (The Nation) was on NPR & said WI should embrace candidates like Lori Compass and support them in future elections. Food for thought!

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