Top appointee of Sheriff David Clarke investigated for theft of taxpayer dollars

I wonder if Sheriff David Clarke will take any responsibility for this…

A top staffer to Milwaukee County Sheriff David A. Clarke Jr. has been suspended with pay while authorities investigate allegations of misappropriations of taxpayer dollars in the department, sources said Friday.

One source close to the investigation said the amount of money involved in the probe is in the six figures.

Maj. Nancy Evans – who oversees the County Jail and the County Correctional Facility-South in Franklin – is on paid administrative leave, Clarke spokeswoman Fran McLaughlin said. The sheriff placed her on paid leave beginning May 25.

It’s worth noting Major Evans was appointed to her current position as commander of the Detention Services Bureau by Sheriff David Clarke himself. The largest division within the Milwaukee County Sheriff’s Department, the Detention Services Bureau oversees the jail and House of Correction, as well as the electronic monitoring and court services programs. Evans made just over $92,000 last year.

And if you’re keeping count at home, if found to be guilty of these allegations, Maj. Evans would be the fourth member of Sheriff’s Clarke’s hand-picked command staff to have been involved in some form of criminal behavior.

  1. Captain David Salsbury – Sentenced to a prison term for charges that included Child Sexploitation, Repeated 1st Degree Sexual Assault of the Same Child, and three counts of Repeated Sexual Assault of Same Child.
  2. Sergeant Phil Wentzel – Has been accused of swapping homemade child pornography with collectors across the country. Sgt. Wentzel had served as Sheriff Clarke’s Public Information Officer before becoming the head commander in the patrol division.
  3. Captain Anthony Moffett – Charged with soliciting prostitution while he was employed by MCSO as a deputy. He was convicted of Disorderly Conduct, kept his job, and was promoted to Captain by Sheriff Clarke.

I wonder….at what point will the residents of Milwaukee County wake up and realize that what we’re seeing here is a culture of criminality and irresponsible leadership – a culture that Sheriff David Clarke should have to answer for.


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  1. Sheriff David Clark’s uniform is made of Teflon so nothing will stick to him. Because he claims to be a “Democrat”, he will continue to get that vote in any election. He is also very religious– he makes sure that the county K-9’s and horses get regular religious blessing– so he’ll get the religious voters.

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