US Department of Justice To Monitor Recall Election in Milwaukee

Pursuant to their role in enforcing the Voting Rights Act, the US Department of Justice will be monitoring the recall election in the City of Milwaukee.

The Justice Department announced today that it will monitor elections on June 5, 2012, in the following jurisdictions to ensure compliance with the Voting Rights Act of 1965 and other federal voting rights statutes: Alameda, Fresno and Riverside Counties, Calif.; Cibola and Sandoval Counties, N.M.; Shannon County, S.D.; and the city of Milwaukee.



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5 thoughts on “US Department of Justice To Monitor Recall Election in Milwaukee

  1. Then A.G. van Hollen can redistribute his team to other areas! No point in overcrowding Milwaukee’s polling places…I need room to VOTE!

  2. Does this help when accusations of voter fraud are made? Because if Barrett wins that will be the first thing that the Republicans and their tame commentators are going to say.

  3. Excellent place to start. Where ever there is a strong union presence it is important to have monitors to make sure no shenanigans goes on.

    1. I’d argue it’s more important to have monitors in place in places like Waukesha County, where the elected County Clerk has a proven record of election-related shenanigans.

    2. The King Street Patriots are coming to town for the recall. And you, of all people, should know how well they get on with the DOJ.

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