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  1. “Vote as if your life depends on it.”

    OK…so it would appear that your side has lost. Now what? You going to lose your life? (rolls eyes) Of course not. Gov. Walker laid out a challenge for all of us to move forward, to work together on challenges that lay ahead. You guys capable of that? I’ll be asking the same thing at my blog.

    1. Yes, because Scott Walker has clearly demonstrated he’s interested in working together since his inauguration.

      I’m not interested in empty rhetoric from a man who’s made it abundantly clear through his ACTIONS that his words mean nothing.

        1. “Roland,” (and why is it that you hide behind a pseudonym, anyways?) what I wrote was that I’ll believe Scott Walker’s words when I see him demonstrate through his actions that he means what he says. Thus far, Gov. Walker has made it clear he’s disinterested in working with anyone who doesn’t blindly subscribe to his ideology, so I’m skeptical.

  2. I would say partisan steamrolling is an affliction found on both sides of the aisle at various times in American history. Isn’t that how Obamacare got passed?

    Did Walker and the Republicans move their agenda forward with gusto? Yes and about 53% of voting Wisconsinites approved.

    But, I don’t think it serves the greater good to have one whole side willing to do things like flee the State rather than participate.

    Oh, I just noticed I’m back on the “moderate” list. I’m not here to gloat or insult. I’ve said my piece for now. Have a good night.

    1. “Obamacare” as you call it wasn’t “steamrolled” through; it took over a year to finally get passed into law, and not all Democrats voted in favor of it.

      Contrast that with Act 10, which passed along a party-line vote and which was “helped along” by the infamous Conference Committee meeting that certainly seemed to violate the state’s open meetings laws.

  3. @Roland: I may have gotten this snippet wrong off the radio, but I could have sworn I heard Gov. Walker referring to the “decent” people of Wisconsin being the reason for his victory. I don’t see your comments as gloating, but Walker’s comment certainly does nothing to lessen the partisan divide.

    I’m not sure why you would be moderated for your previous comments tonight. Probably an Intertubes thing. 🙂

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