Vote with Integrity

My son Jack pooped his pants twice today.  Each time while cleaning it up I mused about how much easier and more sanitary it was than it is cleaning up the mess that Walker gave us.  My son has more integrity in his poops than Walker can ever dream of.  Maybe I should market those poops to Walker’s billionaires. . . . hmm. . . .

Go vote!  Less than four hours left.


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17 thoughts on “Vote with Integrity

  1. I’m taking a minute today to thank the Wisconsin bloggers I’ve been reading regularly, for the information I would not have had otherwise. If I had to rely on standard Milwaukee media I wouldn’t know what the hell was going on. Win or lose tonight, you’ve done a great job and I appreciate your contributions.

  2. Thanks a lot, Sue. But it’s the other guys here who deserve the credit. I’m a “once in a while” guy. Still, thanks on behalf of all of them. They have far more integrity than my son’s poops. No doubt.

  3. Scott Walker wins! Unions learn valuable lesson! NBC NEWS calls race for Waqlker!

  4. Welcome to the Real World, Wisconsin. Scott Walker knows that math does not lie. There is no way to give raises every year to unions and demand no contribution towards health care. In the private sector (where many people make less in the same job as public employees), 40 to 50 % is normal.

  5. Poop? I guess the union thugs who NEVER represented my ideology took a big one. All over its own members. Nice. Walker is on the right road and there will be no left turns.

  6. Perhaps your son was sending you a message regarding the recall, your candidates and unions in general. Too bad he had to send it twice.

  7. Have faith. Someone always “finds” another 50,000 or so votes in the back of their car. It happened in Minnesota, it happened in Waukesha.

  8. Oh…and I agree with Sue. Its unfortuntate that every media outlet seems to have their target audience to appease. If you’ve got the time to scan MSNBC, CNN, HLN, and yes, FOXNEWS, you might be able to assemble the real story using shreds from each of them.

  9. Recall the poo, recount the poo, have Mitchell boycott poo …. it was a great strategy, try it again in November with President poo.

  10. Hey Roland,

    Governor Walker lost his integrity when he repeatedly trotted out his Eagle Scout credentials as evidence of his solid character.

    I was a Boy Scout once, too. The very first item of the Scouting Oath is: “A Scout is Trustworthy.”
    Governor Walker has been anything but trustworthy since before his election. He concealed his intentions to divide our state, unnecessarily attack his political opponents, and has failed to be honest with voters about right-to-work legislation and the John Doe investigation. That is not leadership. Nor is it the mark of an individual with integrity.

    The mark of a person with integrity is when someone says what they do, and does what they say. Governor Walker has clearly been willing to tell his wealthy donors (like Diane Hendricks) one thing, but something else to the rest of our state.

    So – to you and the rest of the childish morons gloating here – Governor Walker may get the privilege of finishing out his term, but he is most certainly not a leader or a man of integrity. Baby poop has more going for it any day.

    1. That seems pretty succinct. I was an Eagle Scout, but I cringe whenever Scott Walker mentions that he was. Still, I expect that to be the entirety of his testimony when he goes to trial.

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