1 thought on ““We are an economy, not a household”

  1. Thank the stars above for Krugman. We see clearly with this exchange why venture capitalists and career financiers are the most inappropriate public stewards and have no place in elected office.

    Just one more thought: I was terribly saddened by Leadsom’s gut reaction to Krugman’s observation that the average young person is not going to start a business. Leadsom’s response was “Why not?” My gut reaction was lamenting how in this post-Reagan global economy, we have reduced the aspirations of our youth to a desperate hope of “getting a job” – no distinction between “job” or “career” and certainly no realistic prospects for our thespian youth, our youths whose passions are ballet, piano, sculpture, or literary criticism. The profiteers have successfully shifted our entire cultural realm so that everyone and everything revolves around the private sector and its only value – monetary profit.

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