What are recalls REALLY for?

Found on a conservative blog as I surfed the internet:

“Officials are supposed to be recalled for malfeasance in office, not mere political temper tantrums”

If said conservative had actually read the Wisconsin constitution, he’d know that Article XIII, Section 12 states, “The qualified electors of the state, of any congressional, judicial or legislative district or of any county may petition for the recall of any
incumbent elective officer after the first year of the term for which the incumbent was elected.”

There’s absolutely NOTHING in the Wisconsin constitution that states there has to be specific reasons for a recall; the whole “malfeasance in office” thing is just something conservatives pull out of thin air to argue against the recall of Republican Gov. Scott Walker.


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2 thoughts on “What are recalls REALLY for?

  1. I guess conservatives want to simply forget the part of WI law that already covers malfeasance and/or criminality, that beautiful act called, impeachment.

  2. Excellent turnabout! But, oh is this a beauty! Great ferreting on your part, Zach! I’d disagree only slightly by suggesting that the “malfeasance” talking point isn’t pulled out of thin air, but rather it exemplifies calculated messaging. Ha! It’s a talking point that could very well backfire.

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