What’s Eric Hovde’s favorite organization to give to? Why, the Republican Party of course!

Republican U.S. Senate candidate (and carpetbagger) Eric Hovde has had a bad week.

First he said he’s “sick and tired of reading sad stories about people struggling in the recession,” then he bizarrely tried to portray himself as a victim of vicious liberal attacks from the likes of Arianna Huffington (challenging Huffington to a debate in the process).

His attempt to take on the victim role having been largely unsuccessful (and widely mocked), Hovde is now trying to portray himself as a real “man of the people,” touting all the charitable works he’s done. In fact, here’s what Hovde told a forum at the Madison Club sponsored by WisPolitics.com:

“I have done more for people that are economically disadvantaged than probably — and I’ve never talked about it publicly because I keep it very low-profile — than all but for a very few people in our society,”

As first reported by Cory Liebman over at Eye on Wisconsin, Eric Hovde has indeed made a lot of donations, but not necessarily to “economically disadvantaged” people in the traditional sense of the word:

  • Eric Hovde very generously gave his own campaign over $1.7 million
  • Eric Hovde loaned his own campaign an additional $250,000
  • $30,000 to the Republican National Committee on 5/26/11
  • $28,500 to the Republican National Committee on 7/31/08
  • $7,500 to Scott Walker on 9/20/10
  • $2,400 to Terrence Wall on 1/19/10 (but may have taken it back later)
  • $2,300 to Mike Huckabee on 1/28/08
  • $2,300 to John McCain on 1/28/08
  • $2,300 to John McCain on 7/31/08
  • Sharon Hovde gave $2,300 to John McCain on 1/28/08
  • Sharon Hovde gave $2,300 to Mike Huckabee on 1/28/08
  • $2,300 to Norm Coleman on 10/31/08
  • $2,000 to George W. Bush on 10/27/00 (may have taken back $1,000 of it)
  • $1,000 to John McCain on 2/15/00
  • $1,000 to Scott Klug on 3/29/96
  • $1,000 to Kim Simac on 8/8/11
  • $1,000 to Alberta Darling on 8/14/11
  • $1,000 to Jonathan Steitz on 8/8/11
  • $1,000 to Sheila Harsdorf on 8/8/11
  • $1,000 to Luther Olsen on 8/8/11
  • $575 to the Republican Party of Wisconsin on 8/1/08
  • $575 to the Republican Party of Minnesota on 8/4/08
  • $575 to the Republican Campaign Committee of New Mexico on 8/1/08
  • $575 to the Colorado Republican Campaign Committee on 7/1/08 
  • $500 to Scott Brown on 5/28/10

If you’re a Republican candidate for elected office and you’re feeling a little “economically disadvantaged” you might want to hit up Eric Hovde for a donation, because he’s quite generous when it comes to giving to his fellow Republicans.


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10 thoughts on “What’s Eric Hovde’s favorite organization to give to? Why, the Republican Party of course!

  1. wow thanks Zach its great to see such intense investigations on your part. All week all you have done is gone after his money you have said nothing about the issues and we all know why that is don’t we Zach

    1. dante, you’re bizarre. This wasn’t an investigation; it’s a blog entry.

      Listen, if you’ve got no problem voting for the out of touch rich guy who doesn’t want to hear about the “sob stories” of people who are struggling to survive, then so be it, but I’m not interested in voting with someone who lacks concern for those less fortunate.

  2. To be very honest I have no problem voting for him. It is clear that what we currently have are clueless how to fix the problem and in the case of Obaam does not want to fix it. Maybe if we get people there who are willing to step it up, stop playing the pity card and actually fix the economy these people who are always complaining may just shut up. I don’t ex[ect that from the union people as they will never be happy as they have the paranoid state that everyone is out to get them. But people who appreciate work and want to work are the ones that we need to turn this economy around for, and that is not going to be easy. But we need people in DC that work on reality and common snese not on emotions.

      1. The March jobs report showed that 121,000 jobs were created the April jobs report, showed a gain of only 115,000 jobs. WOW IMPRESSIVE work between rounds of golf and fund raising.

        1. Over the last 27 months, 4.3 million jobs have been added. That is impressive, especially considering this President has had to work with extremely hostile Republicans in the House.

          As for the rounds of golf comment, let’s look at something a little more pertinent, like vacation days. George W. Bush took far more vacation days than President Obama during the same period in their presidencies.

          You’re a hack of the worst kind.

  3. You failed to quote this entirely relevant part of Liebman’s post:

    “I personally have no idea how generous Eric Hovde is in giving to legit charity…”

    But hey, as Graeme Z once said, “truth has little to do with crafting political talking points.”

    1. And why don’t we know how much Eric Hovde gives to charity? Because he has delayed releasing his financial disclosure forms. What’s in there that he needs to “tidy up?”

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