When will Tammy Baldwin start running ads?

I’ve long been wondering when Democratic U.S. Senate candidate Tammy Baldwin, who’s the only Democrat running to replace retiring Sen. Herb Kohl, will finally start running some TV ads.

My curiosity about when Baldwin’s campaign will finally start running some ads has been piqued by anti-Baldwin TV ads that have been running on and off here in Wisconsin, with the latest coming from Americans For Prosperity.

As I see it (and obviously I’m not an expert on campaigns), the risk the Baldwin campaign is running is that they’ll allow their opponents (or groups allied with their opponents) to define who Tammy Baldwin is to Wisconsin’s voters before Tammy Baldwin can, and I think that’s a fatal mistake. As we saw in the gubernatorial recall election, Gov. Walker’s ability to run ads virtually unopposed from November 2011 until March 2012 essentially framed the debate surrounding the gubernatorial recall election, allowing Gov. Walker’s campaign to dictate messaging to a degree that may have ultimately doomed Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett before he even won the Democratic gubernatorial primary.

My concern here is that by ceding the airwaves to her Republican opponents and the conservative groups allied with them, Tammy Baldwin will allow those campaigns/groups to define her in a highly negative manner, forcing her to play “catch up” with Wisconsin voters. Instead, Baldwin and her campaign should be using the time they have until Republicans have chosen their U.S. Senate candidate to introduce Baldwin to Wisconsin voters in an effective and positive manner. Tammy Baldwin has a great life story – one that would no doubt resonate with lots of Wisconsinites who don’t know her that well – and that’s what her campaign should be trying to get out on the airwaves across Wisconsin.


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14 thoughts on “When will Tammy Baldwin start running ads?

  1. Yes. If she does not start the ads very soon, her campaign will end up like Barrett’s!

  2. Maybe the DNC is getting behind her as enthusiastically as it did for Barrett. What’s the rush, anyway? They work best under pressure in the last 3 days before an election. (snark)

  3. She was just on Up Close this weekend…but if you’re watching that show you no doubt already know who she is & probably aren’t likely to change your vote either way.

    As an aside, she makes me feel old. I was a student at UW when she was just getting started in the state assembly & was young & immensely popular. To think she’s already 50…yikes.

  4. Tammy has been the invisible representative since she went to Washington. The second district NEVER hears a peep out of her unless she needs a vote or two. It’s like she hits the snooze button and sleeps for a couple of years.

    My theory is that she’s become so used to hiding in fear from any and all constituent contact that she may not be aware it’s an election year. Maybe someone should give her a call and wake her up.

    Better yet, take away the snooze button. If she gets into the senate she’s just going to sleep for six years at a time rather than two.

    If only the people of Wisconsin believed in democracy. But they don’t. When Democratic officials can get up in front of a crowd and declare the second district to belongs to Tammy as long as she wants it, one has to believe democracy is dead. (And yes, I’m talking to YOU Mr. Kennedy)

    I won’t vote for her. I won’t vote in that election at all or I’ll write in my own name. Anyone willing to fight for the people would be better than her.

    1. Tammy has been the invisible representative since she went to Washington.

      Which would make her the perfect person to fill Kohl’s seat. 🙂

      I’ve always liked her regardless of whether I’ve agreed or disagreed. I think she’s a great activist – very passionate & pretty sharp talking about issues that are important to her. She’s a great example that you don’t have to be loud & bloviate obnoxiously – that you can speak softly and still be passionate about an issue. But for the other 95% of the issues, and just in general, she’s not ever seemed like a very involved legislator. She’s probably more like a lobbyist – with great in-depth knowledge in a very select area. Though that’s not unlike Hovde, I’d imagine. Sort of an interesting contrast to Thompson who’s more like a mile wide & an inch deep. Well unless you count road building – probably an “expert” in forking over money to them.

  5. She has been running ads in the Green Bay area already. Probably a good idea since no one has a clue to who she is.

  6. i would predict ads in Milwaukee area after labor day… reason, democratic strong hold for the most part, and we know her.

  7. John Doe above stole my comment, exactly. Ad is starting… send $$. (I did see your reply, Zach.)

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