Zerban campaign submits 230% of required amount of nomination signatures

Earlier today small businessman Rob Zerban, the Democratic challenger to incumbent Republican Rep. Paul Ryan, submitted approximately 2,300 nomination signatures, a total that equates to nearly 230% of the required amount of signatures.

Here’s what Zerban had to say upon submitting the signatures:

“I’ve heard from people across the district and the political spectrum and the message is clear: Paul Ryan must be held accountable for his 14 years of failed decisions,” Zerban said.

“The support I’ve received around the 1st Congressional District is overwhelming. People are hungry for a change from Paul Ryan’s fiscal phonyism and want someone with actual budgeting experience working for them. I’m honored they have placed their support squarely behind me.”

In addition to submitting well more than the required amount of signatures to have his name placed on the ballot this November, Zerban has been raising a heck of a lot of money for his race against Rep. Ryan. Rob Zerban presents the strongest threat to Rep.Ryan that Democrats have had in a good long time, and I’m hopeful that his early successes will translate to a victory in November.


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2 thoughts on “Zerban campaign submits 230% of required amount of nomination signatures

  1. This man needs to be supported by all in Wisconsin. Defeating Ryan is very important as he does not represents the values of Wisconsin only the values of big business and the 1%.

  2. Our focus will change to the upcoming state and fedreal elections on June 6th!

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