A tale of two ads in the second Congressional district

On Monday Democratic State Rep. and 2nd District Congressional candidate Mark Pocan released his campaign’s first TV ad, titled “Lessons.” In a press release announcing the release of the ad, Rep. Pocan issued the following statement.

“My mom and dad were small business owners, and they taught me the value of building meaningful relationships and working hard for what you believe is right. Over the last 14 years in the State Assembly, I applied these lessons every day. I fought for my constituents, stood up for my progressive values and achieved real results on a wide range of issues.

“Whether it was cracking down on corporations that send jobs overseas or protecting women by providing emergency contraception for victims of rape, I worked hard to build support for laws that benefit my constituents.

“In Congress, I hope to take my experience as an effective legislator as well as my strong progressive values to continue fighting for working families back home in Wisconsin.”

Here’s Pocan’s ad.

In contrast to Rep. Pocan’s ad is an ad released by the campaign of Pocan’s primary opponent in the second Congressional district race, fellow Democratic State Rep. Kelda Roys. Roys’ ad attacks legislators who went along with Gov. Scott Walker’s “tax breaks for wealthy corporations,” and while the ad doesn’t specifically name Rep. Pocan as one of those legislators, Roys’ campaign issued a press release yet again attacking Pocan for voting for 2011 AB 3 and 2011 AB 4.

Here’s Roys’ ad.

As I wrote earlier in the week, I think it’s telling that the Roys campaign has chosen to go on the offensive against Pocan in their race to succeed Tammy Baldwin in the second Congressional district, and I’m betting their polling shows this is Pocan’s race to lose.


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