I’m reminded of something about foxes and henhouses…

Yet more proof Republicans don’t care about good government…

Gov. Scott Walker relied on recommendations from a former Assembly speaker who once worked for state Supreme Court Justice David Prosser in appointing members of a commission investigating Prosser, newly released records show.

Three of the five people Walker appointed to the state Judicial Commission earlier this year were presented to the governor by former Assembly Speaker John Gard, the president of Wisconsin Businesses Inc. and a former lobbyist for school voucher proponents School Choice Wisconsin.

It’s important to remember that Gard’s recommendations to Walker for the state Judicial Commission came as the commission investigated Prosser for putting his hands on the neck of Justice Ann Walsh Bradley in June 2011, when she confronted him face-to-face in an attempt to get him out of her office.


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4 thoughts on “I’m reminded of something about foxes and henhouses…

  1. So thanks to Walker, Wisconsin now has a “hung” or tainted commission to investigate Prosser!

    And Walker has the nerve to whine about his “integrity” being questioned as a result of the John Doe investigation?

    I can think of no other current state officials that have less integrity than Walker and his old buddy, Prosser. And comparing them to past officials, they rank with Joe McCarthy!

  2. Rigging the judiciary and agencies with cronyist hacks is right out of the Koch/ALEC playbook. These people have no integrity and think politics is some kind of f’ing sporting event.

    And it’s why you can’t ever vote for a Republican executive again. These appointments are intended to poison the well and FUBAR government so badly that the effort to repair it is too much to handle.

    The corruption and disgusting nature of this administration knows no bounds. And the J-S had information like this and decided to endorse Walker anyway, because they wanted to get paid. Horrifying and sickening.

  3. And here’s another kicker that the J-S left off of their story- 3 of the members Walker appointed had donated to Scotty, and 2 donated to Gard’s failed Congress campaigns. Rebecca Kemble had written about this 4 months ago in The Progressive, but the J-S didn’t report it until today.

    The J-S had to know, or at least should have been prodded into action by that Kemble article in March. But much like the line in “The Jungle” Journal Communications has decided their paycheck is more dependent on them not knowing and not reporting the truth. We have to give that newspaper and this corrupt administration major consequences as a result.

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