Kelda Roys criticizes Pocan tax votes

This morning Democratic State Rep. Kelda Helen Roys held the first official press conference of her campaign for Congress to outline her tax reform plans. Here’s the details:

Roys focused on three elements of tax reform that will move us towards a 21st century tax policy – one that works for middle- and low-income families, not powerful corporations and the super rich. “It all boils down to three basic principles,” she said: “fairness, simplicity, and progressivism.” Roys pointed to repealing the Bush tax cuts for those making over $250,000 per year, reforming the capital gains tax system, and creating new brackets for millionaires and billionaires as her top tax priorities.

Roys went on to attack her opponent, Democratic State Rep. Mark Pocan, for “failing the judgment test” for voting for Gov. Scott Walker’s corporate tax giveaways.

“It was a test of judgment. It was judgment about policies, judgment about budgets, and judgments about the right thing to do. Were we going to vote for Walker’s corporate tax giveaways, or were we going to do the right thing for working families? On those votes, when it really mattered, Mark Pocan failed the judgment test by voting for Walker’s corporate tax giveaways. This district needs a representative who will never cave on the issues that matter most to middle class families.”

No doubt Roys’ attack today on Pocan’s progressive “street cred” when it comes to taxes isn’t the last attack she’ll level against him leading up to the August 14 primary election.

I’m of the belief that frontrunners don’t need to take their campaigns negative, so I can’t help but wonder if the Roys campaign knows they need to start tearing down Mark Pocan if they’re going to have a chance to beat him in August.


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2 thoughts on “Kelda Roys criticizes Pocan tax votes

  1. Zach- Yeah, your last paragraph pretty much hits it. You can’t find a Roys sign in Madison, but a whole lot of Pocan ones.

    I like Kelda and think she’s got a future in this political game, and certainly the Dems could use more young leaders who don’t back down from GOP crap. But she’s challenging the wrong guy, because I’m not sure there’s a state Dem right now with more street cred than Pocan, both in knowledge of the issues, and in speaking up and showing backbone. Erpenbach and/or Barca would be the only other ones in the conversation.

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