Kelda Roys doubles down on Pocan attacks, continues to burn bridges

“What do we really know about politician Mark Pocan? … He could have stood up to Walker. But instead Mark Pocan caved in,” warns a rather dire sounding voice in the latest attack ad from the campaign of Kelda Roys, who’s running to replace Rep. Tammy Baldwin in the 2nd Congressional district. The ad attacks Pocan for voting in favor of a tax credit for companies that create jobs here in Wisconsin, instead of standing up to Gov. Walker, but what the ad doesn’t say is that Kelda Roys has a dirty little secret when it comes to not standing up to Republicans on tax votes.

See, Kelda Roys teamed up with extremist Republican Rep. Joel Kleefisch to cast her vote in favor of legislation that would have pitted communities against each other to compete for businesses while also directly benefiting prominent Republican developer Terrence Wall.

Roys also has another dirty little secret, namely that fundraiser she attended in New York City at the headquarters of a company that assists other companies who want to outsource production of their products to overseas producers. I’m not sure how raising money at a company that helps other companies outsource is in keeping with Roys’ progressive values, because I don’t know many progressives on a more local level who’d gladly take money from folks who support outsourcing.

Roys, who was first elected to the State Assembly in 2008, seemed to have a bright future ahead of herself, but as MAL points out, her Karl Rove-style campaign will only serve to burn even more bridges than she’s already burned.

In response to Kelda Roys’ Karl Rove-style attacks on his record, Mark Pocan’s campaign released a statement announcing his campaign has received the endorsements of Democratic State Sen. Jon Erpenbach and Democratic State Rep. Janice Ringhand, bringing the total number of incumbent Democratic legislators in the 2nd Congressional district who have endorsed Pocan’s campaign to 11 (out of 12 total). Here’s Pocan’s statement announcing the endorsements.

“There is no better measure of your work than the approval of your colleagues. I am so honored that I have earned the support of nearly all of the people who have stood along with me as we fought against Governor Walker,” stated Pocan. “I’m proud to have worked with my Democratic colleagues in what I’ve accomplished during the last 14 years.”


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3 thoughts on “Kelda Roys doubles down on Pocan attacks, continues to burn bridges

  1. A friend of mine joked today that when he saw Rep. Zamarripa’s announcement, he was convinced Kelda was going to try and make out with her to further endear herself to the LGBT community – since that naked and transparent effort is going so well for her as it is. I’m surprised Kelda hasn’t also come out as bisexual and started telling us about stories when she would get drunk at the bars in NYC during college and make out with her straight girlfriends.

    I’m a bit surprised though that Kelda’s going all Mark Neumann in this race. She’s going to get blown out of the water by Pocan. If she’s half as smart as she thinks she is and had a little bit of perspective, she would recognize this. I know she’s sanctimonious, but I didn’t know she was politically nuts. What’s the value in throwing bombs and spiting people when you’re probably going to lose by 25-30 points?

    1. I heard about Roys joking about fleeing to Iowa with her “partner” right after Iowa courts legalized same-sex marriage in Iowa, without referencing the fact that her “partner” is a man.

      I hope Pocan runs up the score on Roys.

  2. As a long time observer of Democratic politics, I thought Kelda was running a decent campaign, until now. This is not going to end well for her. Many of us who have known Pocan since his time on the County Board and have naturally supported him had no ill will toward Kelda and didn’t begrudge her running, until now. This kind of sleazy, distorted attack on respected, committed and ground breaking member of your own party is going to haunt Kelda for a long time.

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