Mitt Romney Supports Palestinian State?

Does Mitt Romney support a Palestinian state? Did he actually say that? Well…NO HE DIDN’T.

What he did say:

Republican presidential hopeful Mitt Romney has said he will do “the opposite” of Barack Obama when it comes to Israel, returning to a line of attack that seeks to portray the president as no friend to America’s traditional Middle East ally.

In typical Romney campaign fashion, the candidate stated a policy position that is stunningly lacking in…well policy. And if Mr. Romney wants to continue taking positions without substance, I will continue to enjoy connecting the random dots. And here is how I got to this one! LOL!

A: Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas made history by appearing before the United Nations and submitting a formal bid for Palestinian statehood!

B: President Obama tried to prevent President Abbas from making the bid and then also appeared at the UN and “…urged the United Nations not to recognize a new Palestinian state, saying Palestinians and Israelis still need to work out difficult issues.”

C: Candidate Mitt Romney states his Israel policy will be the opposite of President Obama’s.

Ergo: Mr. Romney supports a Palestinian State.



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